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Description: Spring Perch, Coil-Over, Hydraulic Centering, 2.500 in ID Springs, Aluminum, Blue Anodized, Each
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Pit Stop USA is The Online Motorsports Superstore! At Hyperco, the focus is always on innovation. More and more teams are benefiting from the Performance Advantage found only with Hyperco suspension coils. Thatas why Hyperco is the world wide leader in high performance suspension coils and racing springs. With Hyperco's High-Travel Conventional Front Spring, Hyperco is bringing their closed-end NASCAR style front spring technology to the overall Hypercoils Conventional front spring line. Racers continue to chase the configuration and spring rate of conventional front springs in order to get more suspension travel on the race track. Hypercoils Coil Springs allow more travel on the racetrack that enables more aggressive and faster set-ups. Hyperco racing springsaThe Closed-End Advantage! Hypercoils Coil-Over Springs are Hypercoils Coil Springs are also available. Hyperco Composite Leaf Springs are significantly lighter than steel, retain their design arch and provide more side bite off the corner. The Hyperco Composite Leaf Spring is truly a cost effective, high performance alternative to steel. It allows teams running leaf springs to be consistent night after night without having to constantly measure, monitor and change their springs for loss of arch / sagging. The initial cost is a value based on the incredible service life. Leave the steel on the street, hook up with the Hyperco CLS performance advantage. Late Model Modified Champion Scott Bloomquist says, "the Hyperco CLS will be well suited to many tracks we will run.a The Hyperco / ICP Hydraulic Load Centering Spring Perches substantially improve performance by allowing the spring forces to remain centered on the shock. By precise shaping of the sealing wall of the perch and cylinder body, the perch can freely tilt to evenly distribute the load of the spring. The result, a reduction of bending load on the shock absorber of up to 96% along with enhanced mechanical grip at the tire.