When the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame released the rankings for the 2012 360 sprint car driver of the year, Auburn CA driver Andy Forsberg was ranked number 6th in the nation. The voting panel for the Hall of Fame consists of media members, promoters, sanctioning officials and manufacturers across the nation.  Andy is no stranger to the top 20 list over the past seasons, but for a local or regional driver to compete with national traveling drivers in the top 10 is quite an accomplishment. The top 5 drivers were all national drivers.  American Sprint Car Series Champion Jason Johnson of Eunice, Louisiana, Wayne Johnson of Oklahoma, two time "Driver of the Year" Shane Stewart of Oklahoma, Brady Bacon of Oklahoma and United Sprint Car Series Champion and 2002 "Driver of the Year" Tim Crawley of Arkansas. "I always hope to crack the top 10 each year, but to be 6th behind those caliber of drivers is very exciting and an honor, especially for a Californian. I think we kind of get forgotten out here sometimes on the national scene" quoted Forsberg.  Not only was Andy ranked 6th as a driver, but Sacramento CA based F&F X1 team which he drives for was also  nominated for National 360 team of the year.  Forsberg and the F&F X1 claimed their 2nd consecutive Placerville Track Championship and 2nd Consecutive California Civil War title as well.

     Currently the F&F Racing team and Forsberg Racing are preparing cars for the up-coming northern CA sprint car season beginning in March.  For more information on the 2013 race schedule visit