Pit Stop USA is pleased to announce Sparco as a featured brand for 2015!
Sparco is one of the premier brands in motorsports today and offers innovative, high quality driver safety equipment .  In the coming weeks, we will be letting you know about all of the exciting new Sparco products for 2015 as they arrive in our warehouse. We know you will be as excited as we are about the all of the hot new Sparco products being introduced for this racing season.
Since 1977, the world's top professional drivers choose Sparco more than any other brand. Top professional drivers in Formula One, NASCAR, Indy Car and other forms of motorsport demand Sparco for their safety needs. Sparco works closely with professional drivers to develop the safest, most technologically advanced products available. 
Every Sparco product is tested in the world's most rigorous and demanding racing environments. Sophisticated production equipment, and fanatical attention to detail allow Sparco to attain a standard of quality that few can emulate. 
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Sparco Driver Suit 
The Sparco Driver Auto Racing Suit is an economical and lightweight racing suit. The Sparco Driver race suit is a single-layer version of the popular Jade suit. It features a treated FPF cotton construction which offers high flame protection and durablility.
Sparco Race Shoe 
Developed exclusively for the U.S. market, the Sparco Race driving shoe provides comfort and control. It features a wide toe box and an extra cushioned sole for greater comfort and an additional comfort cell on the ball of the foot to help reduce shock and vibration.
Sparco Land L-3 Glove 
The Sparco Land L-3 auto racing glove is our entry-level competition glove that provides protection and reinforcement. The ergonomic palm design with reinforced stitching conforms to the hand's position and has contrasting suede anti-slip fingertip and palm grips.
Sparco Arrow H-7 Gloves
The Sparco Arrow H-7 is a boldly styled glove that provides incredible grip and superior comfort. Featuring an anatomically correct palm that contours to the natural shape of the hand, the palm of the Arrow H-7 is made from HTX, a Sparco-exclusive material.
Sparco Jade 2 Top Suits
The Sparco Jade 2 Top is a versatile racing suit that is perfect for budget minded racers. The Jade 2 Top three-layer construction is made from a soft and durable FPF fabric that surpasses the SFI 3.2A/5 standards. The Jade 2 Top is a two-tone suit with boot cuffs.
Sparco Speed+ SL-3 Shoes
The Sparco Speed+ SL-3 is an evolution of the Sparco Slalom. The mid-top design features a suede upper has a conventional lace system with velcro closure for added ankle support. It also features the signature Sparco embroidery as well as a grey striped inlay. 
Sparco Formula+ SL-8 Shoe
Sparco Formula+ SL-8 provides the perfect combination of grip, comfort and pedal sensitivity. Its mid-boot design is made with high-quality leather and features concealed laces and a Velcro closure for added ankle support. Ultra-slim, lightweight fuel and oil resistant solec.
Sparco Tide H-9 Gloves
Tide H-9 is a revolutionary glove that utilizes cutting edge technology to provide incredible grip, shock absorption, and comfort. Anatomically correct palm contours to the natural shape of the hand, made from 3D HTX that increases grip, absorbs vibrations and increases dexterity.
Sparco Pro Cup X-2 is the latest evolution of the Pro Cup which has been refined with feedback from racers at all levels. Made from advanced Nomex® fabric for superior fire protection, and comfort, the two-tone color design for a professional team appearance.