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Pit Stop USA has everything you need to get the spark you need for your race car. Pit Stop USA carries a great selection of high-amp batteries, digital ignition controls, distributors, spark plugs and ignition wire sets. Whether you want to change the computer programing or simply replace your distributor cap and rotor, PitStopUSA.com has the ignition system parts and components you need.

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Ignitions & Electrical - Charging Systems
If you want your car to have the juice it needs to perform at its best, be sure you have the latest in Charging Systems from Pit Stop USA. We can help you to avoid an electrical system failure...More Details »
Ignitions & Electrical - Computers, Chips, Modules & Programmers
Everyone knows that the conservative factory settings in today's cars and trucks are not optimized for high performance. It's a good thing that there are several ways to get the most available...More Details »
Ignitions & Electrical - Distributors, Magnetos & Crank Triggers
Choosing the right distributor that can deliver a more powerful spark and maximum combustion efficiency will give you improved performance. Selecting the right ignition distributor ensures a...More Details »
Ignitions & Electrical - Ignition Boxes & Components
Ignition Boxes & Components from Pit Stop USA provide you with increased starting power, complete combustion burns, and greater fuel efficiency. We offer ignition controllers from ACCEL, MSD...More Details »
Ignitions & Electrical - Ignition Components
Today's Ignition Controls from PitStopUSA.com are known for their performance and reliability. There is an Ignition Control for every application including your daily driver, turbos and blown...More Details »
Ignitions & Electrical - Starters
Whether you need a starter for mild race or high performance street applications where heat soak is the main concern, or a ultra high torque starter for highly modified engines PitStopUSA.com has a...More Details »
Ignitions & Electrical - Delay Boxes & Components
Delay boxes are standard equipment in today's drag racing machines and PitStopUSA.com has a great selection to choose from. The latest crossover delay boxes include features like custom lighted...More Details »
Ignitions & Electrical - Electric Fan Wiring & Components
Electric Fan Wiring & Components from Pit Stop USA allow you to easily install your electric fan in your vehicle. We offer Electric Fan Controllers, Electric Fan Switches/Sensors, Electric Fan...More Details »
Ignitions & Electrical - Power Inverters
Ignitions & Electrical - Wiring Components
A high quality wiring harness from PitStopUSA.com can be used in just about any vehicle where basic wiring is needed. We have a great selection of wiring harnesses for many popular applications to...More Details »
Ignitions & Electrical - Wiring Harnesses
Installing a new wiring harness doesn't have to be a painful experience. The time and effort that goes into building a project vehicle should not be jeopardized by using an inferior electrical...More Details »

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We feature race car wiring kits and racing electrical system components from AFCO Racing Products, QuickCar Racing Products, Longacre Racing Products, Tanner Racing Products, Allstar Performance, Flaming River, Moroso and Powermaster. Racing alternators from Jones Racing Products, AC Delco and Denso. Racing batteries like Turbo Start Batteries, Optima Batteries, Powermaster Batteries and Rock Power Batteries including 16 volt AGM batteries. Battery chargers and Battery Tenders to keep your racing battery charged. Everything in race car wiring like QuickCar race car wiring kits, QuickCar Switch Panels, AFCO Switch Panels, Allstar switch panels, Longacre Switch Panels and Tanner Switch Panels. We have race car electrical system components including race car alternators, alternator drive kits, alternator belts, alternator brackets, alternator pulleys, alternator high amp switches, race car batteries, battery boxes, battery hold downs, battery cable clips, battery cable disconnects, battery cable ends, battery cable thru panel connectors, battery cables, battery ground straps, stock car wiring kits, battery master disconnect switches, battery post terminals, remote charging posts, battery extenders, battery terminal covers, circuit breakers, dielectric grease, electric fuel pump safety switches, electrical contact cleaners, engine kill switches, NASCAR kill switches, firewall cable bushings, firewall grommets, heat shrink tubing, convoluted plastic tubing, momentary bypass switches, quick disconnect electrical connectors, starter solenoid wiring kits, race car switch panels, race car switches, voltage step down boxes, voltage step up boxes, weatherproof connectors, weatherproof terminals, wire terminals, wire wrap and wire tubing. Dont waste your day motorsports shopping for race car wiring on those other racing web sites when we have it all.