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High horsepower means high temperatures and that spells trouble for stock cooling system components. Keeping temperatures cool to prevent power-robbing heat is the key to maximum performance! Pit Stop USA carries everything you need to keep your race car cool including aluminum radiators, electric fans, mechanical and electric water pumps, coolant additives, water filler necks, thermostats and more.

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We feature race car cooling system components from AFCO Racing Products, Griffin Radiators, Howe Racing Enterprises, C & R Racing, Flex-A-Lite, Spal, Derale, Fluidyne, Allstar, Performance, Stewart Components, Moroso, Canton Racing Products, Red Line Oil, Royal Purple, Pro-Blend, JAZ Products, Edelbrock and Weiand. We carry a huge assortment of aluminum radiators like AFCO Radiators, Allstar Performance Radiators, C & R Radiators, Griffin Radiators and Howe Radiators. We stock Flex-A-Lite Electric Fans, Spal Electric Fans and Derale Electric Fans. We also feature. We have Edelbrock Victor Water Pumps, KSE Direct Drive Water Pumps, Moroso Water Pumps, Stewart Water Pumps and Weiand Team G Water Pumps. Cooling system components like Moroso Water Filler Necks, Canton Water Filler Necks, JAZ Expansion Tanks, JAZ Overflow Tanks, Allstar Performance Expansion Tanks, Howe Expansion Tanks, Howe Overflow Tanks, Canton Expansion Tanks, Canton Overflow Tanks, Moroso Expansion Tanks and Moroso Overflow Tanks. We offer Hot Head Competition Engine Heaters, Stant Radiator Caps, Radiator expansion tanks, water flow restrictors and radiator overflow tanks, Radiator Hose Drains, Radiator Hose Fillers, Radiator Mounting Kits, Radiator Quick-Disconnect Couplings, Radiator Repair Kits, Thermostats, Water Bypass Kits, Water Flow Restrictors and Water Pump Spacers. We have a wide variety of race car radiator cooling system additives including Red Line WaterWetter, Design Engineering Radiator Relief, Royal Purple Purple Ice Coolant and Pro-Blend 40 Below Coolant Additive. If you are looking for a new racing radiator, stock car radiators, sprint car radiators, racing water pumps, electric radiator fans, radiator coolants, electric fan mounting kits, steel radiator fans, aluminum radiator fans, fan shrouds dont waste your day motorsports shopping on those other racing web sites when we have it all.