NASCAR Approves New Sport II HANS Device

For Immediate Release

Atlanta, Ga. (Aug. 10, 2011) – The Sport II HANS Device has been approved for use in competition by NASCAR.

The Sport II is the latest safety innovation from HANS Performance Products, inventors of the head and neck restraint. The new HANS Device provides the same protection enjoyed by champions in major series around the world at a reasonable price.

Featuring a lower rounded collar, the Sport II’s new design makes fitting easier for drivers. The lightest device in the Sport Series, the Sport II delivers industry-leading performance. It has  also been approved for competition under the criteria established by SFI and the FIA.

“We take pride in our innovative efforts to make the HANS Device not only cost-effective but user friendly for all racers without sacrificing our award-winning performance,” said Gary Milgrom, vice president of HANS Performance Products.

"We receive testimonials on a weekly basis about the effectiveness of the HANS Device following all kinds of crashes, including violent flips and rollovers,” continued Milgrom. “No matter what type of car, what kind of track, drag strip or off-road event, a head and neck restraint should be included in any driver’s safety equipment. It’s not necessarily how fast you go that determines the severity of some accidents, but how fast you stop.”

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