Video: Lights Go Out During A-Feature At The Belleville High Banks

This past weekend the sprint car fans of Kansas got to feed their addiction when the World of Outlaw Sprint Car series visited the Belleville High Banks of Belleville, Kansas. A support series was on hand also, the United Rebel Sprint Series (URSS). The 19 cars in the A-main were putting on a show for the fans, when all of a sudden the entire track went completely black. We’ve found the video and it is pretty scary. You can watch the video below.

The drivers did an absolute amazing job, no drivers made contact and the race was resumed once the track was well lit again. Eventual 2nd place finisher Zach Blurton told the speedway after the race, “When the lights went out, I didn’t know what was going to happen,” Blurton said. “I just tried to get it slowed down as fast as I could and kinda go towards the bottom.”

Apparently, what happened according to the poster of the video was the town of Belleville experienced a power outage that affected more then just the speedway. This could of been a whole lot worse than what it was! Great job by the drivers to come to a stop, and avoiding disaster!

Feature results

1. Luke Cranston, 2. Zach Blurton, 3. Ray Seemann, 4. Jeff Radcliffe, 5. Mike Woodruff, 6. Brian Herbert, 7. Keefe Hemel, 8. Josh Fairbank, 9. Jared Kern, 10. Darren Bowman, 11. Kayden Taylor, 12. Howard Van Dyke, 13. Judd Sheaffer, 14. John Webster, 15, Connor Atkinson, 16. Mike Spear, 17. Ken Lutters, 18. Jordan Randles, 19. Larry Radcliffe.

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