Jack Hewitt Gives Tomas Scheckter Ride of Lifetime in 2 Seat Sprint

Ken Schrader, Tomas Scheckter, and Jack Hewitt (Photo Source: Ken Schrader Racing) 

Ken Schrader, Tomas Scheckter, and Jack Hewitt (Photo Source: Ken Schrader Racing)

Many dirt racing legends from the past and present gathered at The Mile at the Indiana State Fairgrounds for the Hoosier Hundred Media Day.  Dirt legends Jack Hewitt and Ken Schrader were joined by Bryan Clauson and Tomas Scheckter to turn some laps in some race cars and speak with the media.  NASCAR and dirt racing veteran Ken Schrader brought his UMP modified to turn some laps around the Indy Mile. After Schrader was finished he gave INDYCAR driver Tomas Scheckter some pointers and let him take his modified out for a few laps around the track.

Scheckter then got into the two-seat sprint car with Jack Hewitt behind the wheel and got a ride that he won’t soon forget.  In pure Jack Hewitt style he held nothing back and gave that two-seat sprint all it could handle around the track.  When it was all over Tomas Scheckter posted a series of messages on Twitter showing just how much fun he had saying,

“Holllllyyyyy sh……tttttt!!!!!!!!! I think I just pissed and shat myself same time when Jack Hewitt took me first lap at fairgrounds.”

“Jack hewitt pure legend!!!!!!!”

“@Canadian_Speed oh yes I mean he really only use of one arm and that mofo was sideways flat out. Got so much respect can’t put it in words”

“If you guys see me with smoke coming off right rear completely sideways coming out of 4 at indy you know that’s Jack Hewitts influence.”

“Speaking with jack how people push the rules on cars. Jack Hewitt “if u aint cheatin u aint eatin” hahahahahahahahah #legend”

“@Swerky awesome awesome awesome #jackhewittHeroOfmineforlife!!!!”

Ken Schrader Gives Tomas Scheckter Some Driving Advice (Photo Source: Ken Schrader Racing) 

Ken Schrader Gives Tomas Scheckter Some Driving Advice (Photo Source: Ken Schrader Racing)

When Ken Schrader was asked if he was going to get in the two-seat sprint car with Jack Hewitt driving he said, ” I wouldn’t get out of the electric chair to get in with him.”  Its great to see that Jack Hewitt is still out there doing what he does and making dirt fans out of guys like Tomas Scheckter.  Hewitt still gets his two-seat sprint out to give rides to fans at local tracks and still doesn’t consider himself retired as he says, “I’m not retired.  I just can’t find a ride right now.”

Bryan Clauson will be competing in the upcoming USAC Silver Crown Hoosier 100 and the Firestone Indy Lights Firestone Freedom 100 on the same day.  Clauson got behind the wheel of Jack Hewitt’s two-seat sprint car to give INDYCAR CEO Randy Bernard a ride around the Indy Mile.  Bernard who created the scholarship which allowed Clauson to race seven Indy Lights races this year said, “We were hauling down the straightaway, and when we came around the corner, that’s when it got scary.  The power in this thing is unbelievable. I was shaking. I wouldn’t do this with anybody else, that’s how much trust I have in Bryan.  Our sport has been so instilled with USAC since the very beginning.  It has to be our job to make sure we’re doing everything we can to work together. If we say we want the best Americans in the world, we have to prove it. And one of the best ways is to partner with USAC and ask its highest points finisher to compete in INDYCAR.”  Bryan Clauson also said, “As long as he enjoyed it, I think I will keep him on my good side as best as I can.”  The Hoosier Hundred and Firestone Freedom 100 take place on May 27th when fans will get to see Clauson tackle a unique challenge as he races both USAC Silver Crown and Indy Lights in the same day.

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