Historic Night: Crocker Wins at Carolina, Females Take Top 2 Spots

by John Gibson on April 18, 2011

You would think after a certain point that we would stop being impressed by Erin Crocker. She has proven time and time again that she can get the job done in a Sprint Car. She added to her resume this past weekend by winning the United Sprint Car Series event at Carolina Speedway. She would take the lead with under ten to go from another female driver Morgan Turpen who would eventually finish second. It would mark the first time that a woman would ever win a USCS event.

Details are still coming in about what happened after the checkered flag though. Erin would take the checkered flag and then would run into a lapped car and would flip outside of the track. This is why her car is not featured in the winner’s circle photos. But what could be a interesting story is who she was passing.

Erin's winning ride from Carolina Speedway. Image Credit: Erin Crocker's twitter page

Let me explain, last week we published a news story about Erin Crocker and Husband Ray Evernham competing against each other at this event. Ray would finish 7th in the event and was never really a factor in the race. But on Ray Evernham’s twitter page, he posted this after the event: “So my wife @Crockerin wins the USCS sprint race,takes the checkers tries to pass me and flips over the fence ..all on tape”

Erin Crocker's ride after the event at Carolina Speedway. She would capture the victory, and then would flip while passing husband Ray Evernham after the checkered flags

It would seem that Erin was trying to pass her husband Evernham after the checkered flag and flipped when the two made contact. Was she passing him to rub it in a little? Or maybe to give a thumbs up?.. We will never know, but the car did sustain enough damage from the flip that she was unable to enter the event the next night at Traveler’s Rest Speedway.

Congratulations to Crocker, and give a nod to Ray Evernham who after finishing 7th on Friday night would learn from his experience, and would lead the next night’s main event at Traveler’s rest and finish the A-main in third place.

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