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Shocks - JRi Shocks - JRi SL/10 Steel Body Shocks
The SL/10 Steel Body Damper was designed with the same performance based technology that JRi incorporates in all of our products, while remaining cost effective for the racer.
Shocks - JRi Shocks - JRi ST/08 Dirt Late Model 3-Way Adjustable Shocks
The JRi ST/08 dirt track shock was designed specifically for the demands of short track dirt racing. From sanctioned shock rules to wide open late models JRi has a variety of options to provide a...More Details »

More About JRi Shocks

Pit Stop USA is The Online Motorsports Superstore! From the onset of the hydraulic design platform JRi Shocks set performance goals in five particular areas which JRi Shocks defines as highly important ingredients to reach a winning total hydraulic package. This required three specific testing dynamometers to research these areas in great depth. Each component was designed and tested individually.

JRi Shocks don’t just want be to good or even great. JRi Shocks wants to be the best. The people and minds working at JRi Shocks are racers themselves. So, by nature, JRi Shocks is competitive. It’s this mindset that first set an internal goal of 10-20% improvement in performance based on existing standards and comparing test results to existing competitor shock absorbers.

JRi Shocks is proud to report that Data illustrates from each of these individual 10-20% segment gains, resulted in a 30-50% increase in performance when all components were collectively integrated as one assembly. JRi Shocks is winning. But JRi Shocks will never stop their relentless pursuit of examining, innovating, researching and continuing to be the best in racing shock technology and performance.

Bottom line, the JRi Shocks formula is to conduct a whole lot of research with high-tech equipment, utilizing the most innovative minds in the game, mixed with science and engineering, feedback from testing at race tracks all over the country and input from real racers, which equals the most advanced performance of any shock on the market.

JRi Shocks success is proven on podiums all over the world and relied upon by the United States Military.

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