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Everyone knows that you need more then High Horsepower to win races. Your car has to be able to get smoothly through the corners and down the straightaways, Pit Stop USA has a huge selection of shocks and struts, coil-over springs, leaf springs, steering components, sway bars, and control arms.

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Chassis & Suspension - Suspension - Circle Track
Whether you want a smooth street ride and responsive handling, or a competition suspension system to launch you off the line, PitStopUSA.com has all of the rear suspension parts and accessories you...More Details »
Chassis & Suspension - Shock Absorbers - Circle Track
Effectively transferring weight is critical to getting traction at the track. Specially designed racing shocks come in a variety of configurations, including adjustable designs that help you fine...More Details »
Chassis & Suspension - Springs
Choosing the right springs for your race car is key to achieving the best performance and smooth handling. Wether your wanting to soft that Right Front to get you car up on it or stiffen the left...More Details »
Chassis & Suspension - Bump Springs, Stops & Rubbers
Bumpstops are one of the best methods of achieving balance. When using bumpstops, you install a stack of properly selected bumpstops on one or both front / rear or all shock shafts. You then select...More Details »
Chassis & Suspension - Rod Ends
Racers and auto enthusiasts use rod ends for a variety of applications. Pit Stop USA carries a huge selection of rod ends and spherical bearings made from mild steel, chromemoly/alloy steel,...More Details »
Chassis & Suspension - Steering Components
Choosing the right steering components is critical for your machine. PitStopUSA.com has a great selection of rack and pinions, steering columns and shafts, steering u-joints and couplers,...More Details »
Chassis & Suspension - Air Suspension
Pit Stop USA is The Online High Performance Superstore! We feature Air Suspension Systems at low everyday prices.
Chassis & Suspension - Ballast Brackets
Racers have used lead ballast for years on race cars for chassis set-up and to make minimum weight requirements. Securely attaching that lead ballast to your race car is an important safety concern...More Details »
Chassis & Suspension - Ballast, Lead
Lead Ballast can be used to add weight where it's needed. Available in 25, 30 and 40 pound blocks.
Chassis & Suspension - Chassis Tabs & Brackets
PitStopUSA.com offers a full selection of mild steel chassis brackets which can save time during car construction.
Chassis & Suspension - Frame Repair Plates
Pit Stop USA is The Online Motorsports Superstore! We feature Frame Repair Plates at low everyday prices.
Chassis & Suspension - Gussets
Fabricators use a wide variety of gussets to strengthen key areas of the chassis and roll cage during construction. PitStopUSA.com has a variety of mild steel gussets to choose from to get the job done right.
Chassis & Suspension - Roll Cage Kits
Pit Stop USA has weld in roll cage kits for circle track cars as well as your 10 second drag car. Roll cages are required by most racing associations for cars running 10.99 or quicker. Pit Stop USA...More Details »
Chassis & Suspension - Serrated Steel Plates & Blocks
Serrated Plates can have a varity of using on a race car typically these are used will brackets or mounts are being made that need to be able to be adjusted yet also be tighened firmly into place.
Chassis & Suspension - Shock Absorbers - Drag Racing
Stock OEM style shocks just don't cut it for getting out of the hole at the track. Effectively transferring weight to the rear of the car is critical to getting maximum traction at the track....More Details »
Chassis & Suspension - Shock Absorbers - Street & Truck
A fresh set of shock absorbers will help you street machine get down the road smoothly.
Chassis & Suspension - Shock Mount Brackets
Getting the suspension geometry right during fabrication is critical to handling, and PitStopUSA.com has a great selection of shock mount brackets to help you get the job done right.
Chassis & Suspension - Suspension - Street / Strip
Let's face it, if your car doesn't handle well all of that high performance engine horsepower goes to waste. Pit Stop USA carries suspension handing packages to improve 60-foot times, lower your...More Details »
Chassis & Suspension - Suspension - Truck
Chassis & Suspension - Suspension Tubes
Aluminum Suspension Tubes are ideal for a number of uses on your race car. PitStopUSA.com carries a huge selection of aluminum suspension tubes, including anodized aluminum hex suspension tubes...More Details »
Chassis & Suspension - Tubing & Stock
Whether you want mild steel tubing or chromoly steel tubing for your race car fabrication project, PitStopUSA.com has a great selection of sizes and wall thicknesses to choose from.
Chassis & Suspension - Shock Parts & Accessories
Oil drip cups, shocks eyes and replacement bearings available for all the top brands.

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Pit Stop USA is The Online Motorsports Superstore! We have racing chassis parts, chassis components, body mount bushings, chassis tabs, chassis brackets, driveshaft loops, motor mounts, motor plates, mid-plates, serrated blocks, shock mount brackets, shock mounts, shock pins, quick release pins, spring buckets, spring cups, spring plates. suspension bump stops, transmission mounts, tube clamps, upper control arm mounts, upper spring plates, weight jack bolts, weight jack plates and weight jackscrew clamps from Allstar Performance, AFCO Racing Products and UB Machine!