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Pit Stop USA offers a huge selection of race proven quality rear coil springs for your race car. No matter what type of racing vehicle, we have the rear coil springs you need for reliable performance on the track. Choose from the top brands in racing including AFCO, Eibach, Hypercoils, Integra, Landrum, Suspension Spring Specialist and Swift coil springs.

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AFCO Coil-Over Springs: The AFCOIL yellow coating is recognized for quality and dependable performance. AFCOILS are the industry leader in quality, design and performance. No spring line is more recognizable. Across the industry, more racers rely on AFCOILS than any other brand of spring.

Eibach Coil-Over Springs: Eibach produces springs with unparalleled precision and repeatability, Eibach uses the worlds finest Hi-Ten spring steel, produced to exceedingly precise tolerancesaccording to Eibach specs. We use state-of-theart technology, in every step of the manufacturing process. But its not just about machines and technology: its about people. Most notably, the Eibach Springmeisters, working at production plants in Germany and the USA: Talented, expert craftsmen, each committed to creating the finest race springs in the world.

Hypercoils Coil-Over Springs: Hyperco's never ending pursuit of Performance has lead to yet another breakthrough in Conventional Motorsports spring design -- the "Dynamic Travel Response" enhancement! Our engineers analyzed the dynamic characteristics that are essential to Conventional Spring performance and utilized this data to develop the Dynamic Travel Response design concept. Our conventional springs are engineered to exceed the dynamic performance requirements for travel and rate linearity placed on them in the race car. Another result of the DTR concept is a significant reduction in the physical weight of each spring. As spring travel and total load requirements are part of the Dynamic Travel design criteria, Hyperco was able to reduce the weight and improve the performance of our entire Conventional Spring line without compromising consistency and durability. The results are in...Hyperco's Dynamic Travel Response enhancement is a winner at every level (dirt & pavement).

Integra Coil-Over Springs: Integra uses an exclusive VMX Alloy not found in other racing springs. This allows Integra MX springs to be manufactured up to 30% lighter and have up to 30% more stroke, yielding up to 1. 25" more travel before coil bind than other springs. This gives you a lighter, more linear spring, with added travel before coil bind. All Integra springs are guaranteed to remain within 1% square and 2% of free height for the life of the spring!

Landrum Coil-Over Springs: Landrum Gold Coil-Over Springs are made of the highest grade of Chrome Silicon wire found worldwide. Cold wound, not hot wound. Each Landrum Gold coil-over spring is properly heat treated and stress relieved to insure the sides of spring remain parallel during installation.

Suspension Spring Specialist Coil-Over Springs: Since 1986 Suspension Spring Specialist, Inc. has been designing and manufacturing coil springs for the automotive racing industry. They have one of the largest selections of heights and rates of springs available, and a large inventory of springs for fast, same day shipment, as well as various size of pro shocks and assorted accessories you may need.

Swift Coil-Over Springs: By knowing the main characteristics that American racer demands, Swift Springs designed and engineered the standard measurement springs based on data that they had collected through racers that are at the top of their sport. Many racers will swap springs from brand to brand with the only noticeable difference being a stiffer or softer ride. But what if a spring could offer a noticeable increase in traction, smoother weight transfer, better ride quality, lower tire temperatures, and a more predictable feel? The engineers at Swift have taken that "what if" and turned it into reality. Swift coil-over springs are barrel design; the design is to solve all spring Deflection (bowing) problems. With bowing springs, you can expect spring rate inconsistency, and rubbing against shock body that would lead to damage on the shock adjusting perch thread.

Pit Stop USA features a huge selection of spring including Afcoils Coil-Over Springs, AFCO Coil-Over Springs, Racing Springs, Race car Springs, Eibach Coil-Over Springs, Hypercoils Coil-Over Springs, Integra Coil-Over Springs, Landrum Coil-Over Springs, Landrum Gold Coil-Over Springs, QA1 Chrome Coil-Over Springs, QA1 Silver Coil-Over Springs, Suspension Spring Coil-Over Springs, Swift Springs Barrel Coil Over Racing Springs and you will find them with our low everyday prices!