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Red Line Synthetic Oil
Since 1979, the worldas top racing teams have exclusively used Red Line Synthetic Oil products.

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Description: Transmission Fluid, V-Twin, Manual, Synthetic, 1 qt Bottle, Each
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Description: Transmission Fluid, V-Twin, Manual, Synthetic, 1 qt Bottle, Set of 12
Item #: RED42824
Condition: New
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More About Red Line Synthetic Oil

Pit Stop USA is The Online Motorsports Superstore! Since 1979, Red Line Synthetic Oil products perform and protect better than any on the market. The worldas top racing teams use Red Line Oil products exclusively. Red Line synthetic motor oil provides the highest protection and have a natural multi-grade property which avoids adding additive packages. Red Line Synthetic Racing Oil has a reputation as the ultimate racing lubricant. Redline racing oil provided the best high-temperature lubrication and higher film strength than any petroleum or synthetic on the market today. Red Line Two-Stroke Oil has base oils with highest film strength and greatest affinity for hot metal. Red Line High Performance Synthetic Motorcycle Oil is for high-revving four-stroke engines. Red Line Synthetic Gear Oil provides protection and efficiency. Red Line ShockProofa" Gear Oil is for racing differentials and transmissions. Red Line MTL and Red Line MT-90 provide protection and improved shifting for manual transmissions. Red Line Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluids provide excellent shifting and thermal stability. Red Line Synthetic ATF has better thermal stability and lower volatility than petroleum ATF. Red Line Diesel Fuel Additives promote fuel combustion and fuel system lubrication. Red Line Diesel Fuel Catalyst has high temperature detergents, lubricants and a combustion catalyst. Red Line SuperCool with WaterWetterA (80205) is a pre-mixed coolant that doubles the wetting ability of water to improve heat transfer and reduce cylinder head temperature. Red Line WaterWetterA wetting agent for cooling systems reduces coolant temperatures as much as 30AF. Red Line Power Steering Fluid improves wear protection, resists thermal breakdown, evaporation and foaming. Red Line Assembly Lube prevents metal contact upon startup. Red Line Synthetic CV-2 Grease is designed to withstand the extreme temperatures and pressures which occur in high-performance wheel bearings and CV-joints.