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Pit Stop USA offers a huge selection of top quality oil and lubrication products for your race car. We all know that there is nothing more important to your vehicles vital systems than regular maintenance with the proper oil and fluids. That's why PitStopUSA.com offers a wide variety of conventional petroleum motor oil, semi-synthetic motor oil, and synthetic oil motor oil that is right for your high performance or racing vehicle that will minimize potential damage from heat and friction. We also offer 2-Cycle Oil, Gear Oil, Gear Oil Additives, Automotive Grease, Manual Transmission Gear Oil, Automatic Transmission Fluid, Brake Fluid, Assembly Lube, Coolant Additives, Fuel Additives, Fuel Fragrances, Power Steering Fluid and more.

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Oils, Fluids & Sealer - Cleaners & Degreasers
Engine Cleaners and Degreasers from PitStopUSA.com are specially formulated to keep parts clean and the race shop in order. Safely remove tire rubber, grease and oil from your car. Will not harm...More Details »
Oils, Fluids & Sealer - Fuel System Additives
Fuel additives are chemicals that can be added to gasoline to improve vehicle performance or help maintain systems. They can serve a variety of purposes, including: Cleaning systems to remove...More Details »
Oils, Fluids & Sealer - Fuels
Oils, Fluids & Sealer - Grease
Pit Stop USA carries a wide variety of high performance automotive grease including Cyclo Heavy Duty White Grease® w/ Lithium, Lucas G3 Racing Grease, Lucas Red-N-Tacky Grease, Lucas Synthetic G3...More Details »
Oils, Fluids & Sealer - Lubricants & Penetrants
Pit Stop USA features a variety of high performance spray lubricants including Comp Cams Slipkote Valve Train Assembly Spray, Cyclo Break Away, Cyclo Faster™ Super Penetrant, Cyclo Heavy Duty...More Details »
Oils, Fluids & Sealer - Oils, Fluids & Additives
Pit Stop USA offers a huge selection of top quality oil and lubrication products for your race car. We all know that there is nothing more important to your vehicles vital systems than regular...More Details »
Oils, Fluids & Sealer - Sealers, Gasket Makers & Glues
We offer a great selection of sealers, gasket makers, and epoxy you need to ensure a leak-free seal and efficient operation of your street machine or race car.
Oils, Fluids & Sealer - Sound Deadeners
Oils, Fluids & Sealer - Tire Softeners & Treatments
Tire softener from PitStopUSA.com can increase tire life and reduce times. Tire Softener can also add new life to old drag race tires and will provide instant results.

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Pit Stop USA is The Online Motorsports Superstore! We have racing motor oil like Joe Gibbs Driven Racing Oil, Redline Oil, Red Line Synthetic Race Oil, Red Line Synthetic Motor Oil, Royal Purple Racing Oil, Royal Purple SAE Grade Motor Oils, Torco TR-1 Racing Oil, Torco SR-5 Synthetic Racing Oil, Torco SR-1 Synthetic Motor Oil, Torco TR-4 Synthetic Blend Racing Oil, Valvoline Racing Motor Oil, Valvoline Durablend Semi-Synthetic Motor Oil, Valvoline Synthetic Motor Oil, Lucas Synthetic 5 Racing Oil, Lucas 20/50 Plus Racing Oil, Lucas 50 Plus Racing Oil, Lucas 70 Plus Racing Oil, Lucas Semi-Synthetic 10W40 Oil and Lucas Synthetic Oil. We offer racing transmission fluid like Red Line Type F ATF, Red Line Dexron ATF, Red Line High-Temp ATF, Red Line MTL Gear Oil, Red Line MT-90 Manual Transmission Lubricant, Royal Purple Max ATF Automatic Transmission Fluid, Royal Purple Syncromax Manual Transmission Fluid, Torco MTF Manual Transmission Fluid, Torco ATF Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid, Valvoline Dexron III / Mercon Automatic Transmission Fluid and Valvoline Type FA Automatic Tranmission Fluid. We have racing gear oil like Red Line Gear Oil, Red Line Shockproof Gear Oil, Red Line Lightweight Gear Oil, Red Line Friction Modifier, Royal Purple Max-Gear Gear Oil, Torco RGO Racing Gear Oil, Torco SGO Synthetic Gear Oil, Valvoline High Performance 75W90 Synthetic Gear Oil, Valvoline 80W90 Gear Oil and Joe Gibbs GO Synthetic Gear Oil. We stock synthetic gear grease like Red Line CV-2 Synthetic Grease, Royal Purple Ultra-Performance Grease and Valvoline Val-Plex EP Grease. Racing lubricants like Royal Purple Maxfilm Synthetic Penetrating Lubricant, Royal Purple Max-Tuff Assembly Lube, Torco MPZ Engine Assembly Lube, Torco MPZ Magnetic Friction Reducer oil additive, Luca Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer and Lucas Pure Synthetic Oil Stabilizer. Alcohol Upper Lube Manhattan Oil Power Plus Upper Lube and Red Line Alcohol Fuel Lubricant. We also stock Manhattan Oil Fuel Fragrances.