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Cockpit Accessories
Once you open the door or drop that window net, its whats inside that counts. Pit Stop USA offers a wide variety of Cockpit Accessories that make that race car uniquely yours. Whether you a simply looking for a lightweight steering wheel, a racing seat, or putting together a fabricated race car interior, PitStopUSA.com has you covered.

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Cockpit Accessories - Gauges & Dash Panels
Pit Stop USA is The Online Motorsports Superstore! We feature Gauges & Dash Panels at low everyday prices.
Cockpit Accessories - Mirrors
Mirrors from PitStopUSA.com offer a nice angle for viewing the competition. We have a great selection of mirrors and a variety of mounting options for your race are or street machine.
Cockpit Accessories - Roll Bar Pad
Closed-cell foam roll bar padding from PitStopUSA.com does not absorb moisture, but progressively absorbs shock. Offset inside diameter allows easy installation, with thicker padding toward driver....More Details »
Cockpit Accessories - Seats
A high quality racing seat should be at the top of a race car safety equipment checklist. Stock OEM seats don't offer the advantages and safety of purpose built high performance racing seats....More Details »
Cockpit Accessories - Steering Columns & Brackets
Racers use steel or stainless steel DD steering shafts, splined steering shafts or collapsible steering columns to custom fabricate steering systems and PitStopUSA.com has a great selection of...More Details »
Cockpit Accessories - Steering Wheels
Lightweight aluminum steering wheels can save up to half the weight of standard steering wheels making them a very popular choice for racing applications. PitStopUSA.com has a wide variety of...More Details »
Cockpit Accessories - Access Panels
Aluminum panels mount with rivets or bolts and provide easy access to dry sump pump tanks, fuel cells or other under panel items. Kits includes frame, access door, hinge, flush head quick turn...More Details »
Cockpit Accessories - Accessory Mounts & Brackets
Whether you want to mount a mirror, switch panel or other accessories, PitStopUSA.com has the accessory mounts and brackets you need for your race car.
Cockpit Accessories - Bottle Mounts
Bottle Mounts from PitStopUSA.com are perfect for nitrous, CO2, and fresh air bottles. May be mounted on tabs or flat surface. Clamps around tubing and eliminates the need for welding on chassis....More Details »
Cockpit Accessories - Drink Bottles
Pit Stop USA is The Online Motorsports Superstore! We feature Drink Bottles at low everyday prices.
Cockpit Accessories - Floor Mats
Pit Stop USA is The Online Motorsports Superstore! We feature Floor Mats at low everyday prices.
Cockpit Accessories - Helmet Hooks
Helmet hooks from PitStopUSA.com provice a convenient place to hang your helmet between rounds and protect it from rolling around inside the car. Lightweight aluminum helmet hooks clamp on roll...More Details »
Cockpit Accessories - Interior Panels
Pit Stop USA has everything you need to build a winning race car and get you to the finish line first. PitStopUSA.com offers a variety of Interior Panels from the biggest brands in racing including...More Details »
Cockpit Accessories - Pedals
Brake Pedal Assemblies are available in several styles. PitStopUSA.com carries forward mount pedal assemblies, reverse mount pedal assemblies and floor mount pedal assemblies with choice of pedal...More Details »
Cockpit Accessories - Radio Boxes
Radio Boxes from PitStopUSA.com feature a padded insert to absorb vibration and protect your expensive radio. They clamps to roll bar tubing and fit most racing radios.
Cockpit Accessories - Shift Boots
Pit Stop USA is The Online Motorsports Superstore! We feature Shifter Boots at low everyday prices.
Cockpit Accessories - Shift Knobs
Pit Stop USA is The Online Motorsports Superstore! We feature Shifter Knobs at low everyday prices.
Cockpit Accessories - Shift Sticks
Pit Stop USA is The Online Motorsports Superstore! We feature Shifter Sticks at low everyday prices.

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Pit Stop USA is The Online Motorsports Superstore!

We feature the top names in racing interior accessories and race car cockpit components from Allstar Performance, Coleman Racing Products, Five Star Race Car Bodies, Grant Steering Wheels, Longacre Racing Products, QuickCar Racing Products, Rebco Racing Products, Sweet Manufacturing and Tanner Racing Products.

We feature racing steering wheels like Butler Built Aluminum Steering Wheels, Grant Performance Series Aluminum Steering Wheels, Grant Performance Series Steel Steering Wheels, Grant Nextel Cup Steer Wheels, Longacre Aluminum Steering Wheels, Longacre Steel Steering Wheels, QuickCar Aluminum Steering Wheels, QuickCar Steel Steering Wheels, Rebco Aluminum Steering Wheels, Rebco Steel Steering Wheels and Sweet Aluminum Steering Wheels. We have Allstar Steering Wheel Pads, Kirkey Steering Wheel Pads, Longacre Steering Wheel Pads, QuickCar Steering Wheel Pads, Rebco Steering Wheel Pads, Sweet Steering Wheel Pads and Ultra Shield Steering Wheel Pads. We stock steering wheel extensions, steering wheel hubs and steering wheel disconnects like Allstar Aluminum Steering Wheel Disconnects, Sweet Aluminum Quick Release Steering Wheel Hubs, Sweet Steel Quick Release Steering Wheel Disconnects and Tanner Steering Wheel Disconnects. We offer adjustable steering columns and collapsible steering columns like Sweet Lightweight Adjustable Columns and Sweet Deluxe Adjustable Collabsible Steering Columns.

We feature AFCO Steering Quickeners, Coleman ProLite Steering Quickeners, Howe Stealth HD Steering Quickeners and Howe Steering Quickeners. We carry racing mirrors, panel mirrors, wink mirrors, wide angle rear view mirrors, drink bottles, drink holders, radio boxes, race car floor mats, steering wheel hooks, helmet hooks, roll bar padding steering shafts, clamp-on steering column mounts and firewall flange bearings, VCR camera mounts, and nomex shifter boots.