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Racing Optics
Racing Optics XStack Tearoffs...finally a tearoff that really works!

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Pit Stop USA is The Online Motorsports Superstore! Racing Optics XStack Tearoffs...finally a tearoff that really works! Tearoffs are universally used in motorsports as multi-layered disposable lenses. As the race proceeds, the top layer accumulates mud, rubber, fuel, oil and water, which eventually obscure the driver's vision. The top layer of tearoff is removed by the driver, which reveals the next clean layer. This is repeated through the course of the race until the driver exhausts the supply of tearoffs and is left visually impaired for the balance of the event. An apparent solution to this problem might be to add additional tearoffs to the face shield, but experience shows that six or seven tearoffs reduce visibility to the point where it would be unsafe to enter the track. Mature drivers may only be able to tolerate a five tearoffs deep stack in Saturday night racing. In simple terms, the driver starts the race blind with too many tearoffs, and ends the race blind with too few. While a single layer tearoff is nothing more than simple thin piece of plastic, the Racing Optics XStack is a complex optical device, having all the characteristics found in a camera lens or telescope. Most single layer tearoffs use "packaging grade" clear polyester. Racing Optics starts by using only the highest quality "optical grade" Mylar, manufactured by DuPont. Racing Optics X Stack Laminated Tearoff System represents the latest and best product introduction to date from Racing Optics, the leader in motorsports laminated tearoffs. The laminated technology creates a distortion-free optical lens. The X Stack Laminated Tearoff System provides the following features: • 10 Layers thick for long races, 3 more per stack than the Speed Stack 7 system • Better visibility than any other laminated tearoff system available • The worlds BEST tearoffs • More layers • Better visibility Each package of Racing Optics X Stack Laminated Tearoffs includes 3 stacks of 10 tearoffs for total of 30 tearoffs per package. Racing Optics XStack Tearoffs can be layered, giving the driver up to thirty or more tearoffs for those long races. This allows the driver to have better visual acuity than ever experienced before from the start of a race to the checkered flag.


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