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Pit Stop USA can help you create a unique look for your race car with our selection of professional paints, high-heat engine paint and undercoating. VHT high performance coatings include VHT FlameProof Coatings, VHT Hi-Temp Engine Paint, VHT Hi-Temp DriveTrain Coatings, VHT Brake Paint, VHT Caliper Paint, VHT Drum and Rotor Paint, VHT Brake, Caliper, Drum and Rotor Paint, VHT Nu-Cast Engine Enamel, VHT Epoxy Paint, VHT Prime Coat Sandable Primer, VHT Quick Coat Enamel, VHT Chassis & Roll Bar Paint, VHT Wrinkle Plus, VHT Wheel Paint, VHT Genuine Lacquer, VHT Nite-Shades, VHT Metal Tint, VHT Plastic Paint and VHT Vinyl Dye. Choose from Duplicolor products like Duplicolor Brake caliper paint, Duplicolor wheel paint, Duplicolor engine paint or Duplicolor self etching primer. We also offer Pioneer Engine Enamels that match OEM colors and more.

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