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No other brand offers more in the way of value performance exhaust systems for street and offroad applications than FlowTech. From full length headers for your 1969 Camaro to turboback exhaust systems for your late model diesel truck, Flowtech delivers the sound and power you're looking for. FlowTech has a wide variety of mufflers including FlowTech Red Hots™ Glass Pack Mufflers, FlowTech Purple Hornies™ Mufflers, FlowTech Warlock™ Racing Mufflers, FlowTech Afterburner™ Mufflers, FlowTech Raptor™ Turbo Performance Mufflers and FlowTech Terminator™ Mufflers.

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Mufflers and Components - Flowtech Mufflers - Flowtech Afterburner Mufflers
If you really want great sound and maximum horsepower, kick on the Afterburner and kick a little butt. FlowTech Afterburner Mufflers are your very best bet for optimum performance and awesome...More Details »
Mufflers and Components - Flowtech Mufflers - Flowtech Purple Hornies Mufflers
The classic Flowtech Purple Hornie tubular design glasspack Mufflers give sound and performance gains that are more than impressive they're wild! The 16gauge, 3.5 diameter steel shell encloses an...More Details »
Mufflers and Components - Flowtech Mufflers - Flowtech Raptor Turbo Performance Mufflers
If you want a mean muffler that won't tear the guts from your wallet, get a Raptor and watch out! FLOWTECH's new Raptor Turbo Performance Muffler features a unique sound rib case design and...More Details »
Mufflers and Components - Flowtech Mufflers - Flowtech Red Hots Glass Pack Mufflers
FlowTech Red Hots may be the best muffler value on the market today. The classic design includes thick, longlasting, high heat CeramaGlass packing wrapped around a power louver baffle. Backpressure...More Details »
Mufflers and Components - Flowtech Mufflers - Flowtech Terminator Mufflers
Pull the plug on the competition with these new Terminators™. FlowTech has just made this leading performance muffler available for the first time for the 200506 Mustang GT with the 4.6L V8.
Mufflers and Components - Flowtech Mufflers - Flowtech Warlock Racing Mufflers
FlowTech's Warlock racing muffler may be too much for mere mortals. The high flow, lowrestriction patented 3passtube design provides lots of horsepower and a mean 'n nasty sound. But, when you're...More Details »

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