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Finish off your dash perfectly with a great package from New Vintage USA.

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Description: Switch Panel, Dash Mount, 7 x 2 in, 5 Toggles, LED Lighted, Label Sheet Included, Black, Kit
Item #: NVG21101-01
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More About New Vintage USA

Finish off your dash perfectly with a great package from New Vintage USA. Each kit has everything you need to install in the factory gauge bezel. Brackets install in about 15 minutes, no grinding or cutting. Choose from the factory inspired 67 series which features wraparound graphics, perimeter incandescent lighting and halo effect turn signals and high beam indicators incorporated into the gauges. A great choice for an original style car or resto-mod. The 1969 Series has a musclecar feel with bold mint green graphics, LED backlighting and deadfronted high beam and turn signals incorporated into the gauges.

New Vintage began as most small businesses do, in the basement and garage, working late into the night on harebrain ideas. Our company began in the small town of Ferndale, Michigan which resides on the northern border of Detroit. We began retrofitting Porsche gauges for folks who had installed American V-8s in their 914s and 911s. This spilled over into the Hot rod and musclecar markets, building custom instruments for people all over the world. We found that we were constantly buying new gauges and making them look old. This was a trend we saw, builders and owners wanted to make sure their dash looked right for the theme of the car. Hot rods had hot rod gauges, Musclecars had 60s looking gauges that were beefed up, 30s cars had a deco look. While custom work is still a mainstay at New Vintage, we felt that we could offer a better value to our customers by creating instrument packages that were tailored to their type of vehicle. That is how we came up with the full line of period styled instruments.

Over the years, we have rapidly grown to be a well respected instrumentation manufacturer known for design excellence and great value, all made in the USA. We pride ourselves in keeping as much as possible in Detroit. We have our molded parts, plating, screen printing and assembly all right here in town. While this may not be the most efficient way to do business, it does allow us to have excellent quality control and performance.

We are often asked, why do your gauges look so much nicer than what is currently on the market? We are a design firm at heart. Its the knowledge, talent and passion for design that really sets our line apart. Its more than someone who can use a computer, all of our designers have experience at the big three, interior, jewelry or fashion design. It's about proportion, detail, and theme, pulling inspiration from the era the gauges are designed for. This pool of talent that we have in Detroit is a great advantage; we have some of the best designers in the world, right here in town.

Our main facility is in a recently renovated 1950s factory on the Detroit/Ferndale border. This facility offers us room for growth in an area centrally located to various specialty tool and fabrication shops which serve our needs. Our goal: to bring the highest style, most reliable instruments on the market with a cost that is reasonable and fair.