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Vertex Magnetos
Vertex Magnetos have been providing reliable performance for over 50 years because they work.

More About Vertex Magnetos

Pit Stop USA is The Online Motorsports Superstore! Why would a Vertex Magneto that was designed over 50 years ago still be so popular? Because it WORKS! In a time when most everything is a disposable electronic or plastic wonder work, it is reassuring to know that simple reliable designs still exist. The Vertex Magneto is an integral part of racing and hot rodding history. One of the great legends and as a part of the quality family of Taylor Cable Products, Vertex continues to improve on the quality, power and reliability of the Vertex Magneto. We continue to refine the design and improve the manufacturing process of one of the industries timeless magnetos. Resulting in a series of magnetos that fire your engine for years to come. Taylor/Vertex is committed to quality processes that live up to the legacy of the Vertex Magneto. Today's Vertex Magneto features a one-piece aluminum base that adds stability to the magneto and is stronger and lighter weight than the old 2-piece style designs of the past. Our engineers and machinists have been able to hold much closer production tolerances on all the machined parts of the magneto and as a result, you can expect even more consistent performance than ever before. Our evolutionary approach to redefining the classic Vertex has resulted in a dependable series of magnetos that will more than satisfy your ignition requirements, from street rods to blown, injected big blocks. Our Dyno tests have proven that it will produce more than enough ignition energy for today's competitive power levels on a well tuned engine. Vertex continues to develop power improvements to make you more competitive. We will bring these to you as they are full tested and as robust as the original design. We feature Vertex Magnetos and Vertex Magneto Parts and Accessories at low everyday prices.