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Professional Products makes the finest performance parts your can buy at lower prices.

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Pit Stop USA is The Online Motorsports Superstore! Professional Products makes the finest performance parts your can buy. Professional Products use the latest manufacturing techniques and the best materials available. Professional Products also added a harmonic damper program that offers unmatched precision and performance, compared to others that ask twice the price. Professional Products Power+Plus Typhoon Manifold is a high performance dual plane, 180A street manifold that produces power comparable to some single plane manifolds yet retains the throttle response and drive ability typical of a dual plane. This manifold also features cast-in nitrous bosses with water outlets at all four corners plus dual distributor hold downs. Professional Products CrossWind features an open area under the plenum chamber. This provides for a flow of cooling air which keeps the temperature of the air/fuel charge lower thus producing more power and torque. Professional Products Power+Plus Hurricane Manifold is a single plane 360A design that provides optimum power in the mid to upper rpm ranges. Features include nitrous bosses, dual distributor hold downs, four corner water ports, and more. The Power+Plus Hurricane ports are very specifically positioned to provide an optimum starting point for custom porting. Fits standard port location 23A heads including cast iron Bowtie, Dart Iron Eagle, World, plus most aluminum aftermarket 23A heads. Professional Products PowerForce and PowerForce+Plus Harmonic Dampers are 6-3/4" in diameter and approximately 1-1/8" thick. These Professional Products dampers are dimensionally identical to the stock G.M. 6-3/4" damper. They have 60A of easy to read timing marks and engraved marks every 90 degrees. The Powerforce high performance street model weighs approximately 8-1/2 pounds and the Powerforce+Plus race model weighs 9.3 pounds. We feature Professional Products Intake Manifolds and Professional Products Harmonic Balancers at low everyday pri