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Since 1977, the world's top professional drivers choose Sparco more than any other brand.

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More About Sparco

Sparco starts a new era with a technology that revolutionizes the way to produce fireproof overalls. Sparco is the only company to use HOCOTEXTM technology. Made in Italy technology patented by Sparco. The new concept is the result of over 3 years of research and testing, that incorporates in a single fabric what is normally achieved by traditional technology in a multi-layer sandwich. This technology allows a really breathable fabric and the honeycomb structure with internal air cells ensure the driver even more fire protection.

The Sparco Victory RS-4 auto racing suit is the result of over 3 years of research and development. Sparco has patented a new technology called HOCOTEX® which revolutionizes the way racing suits are made. This new exclusive Sparco technology creates a single layer fabric which has the protection of what is normally achieved by a multi-layer fabric. The Sparco Victory RS-4 firesuit is the only single layer suit to pass the SFI 3.2/5 rating. The Victory RS-4 is both SFI 3.2A/5 and FIA 8856-2000 homologated.

The Sparco Pro Cup X-2 auto racing suit is the latest evolution of the Pro Cup which has been refined with feedback from racers at all levels. The Sparco Pro Cup X-2 firesuit is made from advanced Nomex® fabric for superior fire protection, breathability and comfort, the Sparco Pro Cup X-2 driving suit is offered in a two-tone color design for a professional team appearance.

The Sparco Jade 2 auto racing suit is the newest version of the original Sparco Jade racing suit, which has been improved with lighter fabric. The Sparco Jade 2 driving suit is racing suit is perfect for budget minded racers. The Sparco Jade 2 firesuit three-layer construction is made from a soft and durable FPF fabric that surpasses the SFI 3.2A/5 standards.

All Sparco auto racing shoe soles are made from oil and hydrocarbon-resistant natural rubber. The shape is designed to ensure a perfect contact surface on the vehicle bodyand pedals. The surfaces are micro metrically processed to achieve a special texture providing maximum grip. The new R01 sole has been developed, in particular, to accompany the movements of the driver’s foot thanks to the specially shaped heel designed to improve and facilitate driving. The Sparco Speed+ SL-3 driving shoe is an evolution of the Sparco Slalom. The mid-top design features a suede upper has a conventional lace system with velcro closure for added ankle support. It also features the signature Sparco embroidery as well as a grey striped inlay.

The Sparco Top+ SH-5 auto racing shoe is made from high-quality, suede with a wide Velcro strap for greater ankle support and guaranteed fit and hold. The Sparco Top+ SH-5 has an anatomic pre-shaped latex insole with Memory Foam characteristics for ultimate comfort.

The Sparco Formula+ SL-8 driving shoe provides the perfect combination of grip, comfort and pedal sensitivity. Its mid-boot design is made with high-quality leather and features concealed laces and a Velcro closure for added ankle support.

Developed exclusively for the U.S. market, the Sparco Race driving shoe provides comfort and control. It features a wide toe box and an extra cushioned sole for greater comfort and an additional comfort cell on the ball of the foot to help reduce shock and vibration.

The Sparco Arrow H-7 auto racing glove is a boldly styled glove that provides incredible grip and superior comfort. Featuring an anatomically correct palm that contours to the natural shape of the hand, the palm of the Sparco Arrow H-7 driving glove is made from HTX, a Sparco-exclusive material that increases grip, comfort and dexterity.

The Sparco Force RG-5 Auto Racing Glove features a single layer seamless palm with ergonomic strap. The Sparco Force RG-5 driving glove is constructed of 100% Meta-Aramidic fire resistant material, a high grip printed palm and internal seams.

The Sparco Rocket RG-4 auto racing glove is an affordable and high-quality glove perfect for weekend racers. The Sparco Rocket RG-4 driving glove features an ultralight single layer palm with high quality soft suede, ergonomic strap and knuckle padding. The Sparco Rocket RG-4 race glove is constructed from 100% meta-aramidic with a high grip suede palm reinforcement.

The Sparco Tide H-9 auto racing glove is a revolutionary glove that utilizes cutting edge technology to provide incredible grip, shock absorption, and comfort. Featuring an anatomically correct palm that contours to the natural shape of the hand, the palm of the Sparco Tide H-9 driving glove is made from advanced 3D HTX, a Sparco-exclusive material that increases grip, absorbs vibrations and increases dexterity.

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