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Dura-Bond Bearing Company
Since 1947, Dura-Bond cam bearings are the industry standard against which all others are judged.

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Description: Distributor Bushing, Bronze, Natural, Mopar Distributors, Each
Item #: DURAD-584
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More About Dura-Bond Bearing Company

Pit Stop USA is The Online Motorsports Superstore! Dura-Bond Bearing Company is a world leader in camshaft bearings, power metal valve seats and valve spring shim design and manufacturing. This has been recognized by over 50 years of experience as the standard of the industry, and the internationally recognized ISO-9001 and MRP-Oliver Wight Class "A" certifications. The natural process of matching complimentary valve train components provides solutions that are designed as a system, not as only individual components. In 1947 a small, aggressive upstart called Dura-Bond Bearing Company was launched. The company quickly learned that when a mechanic replaced an old camshaft bearing, he hammered the new one into place - requiring force to square the ends away. Oftentimes the hammering created nicks along the edge, resulting in a damaged bearing. Dura-Bond's idea was to make it a solid circle of metal, which inserted easily and fit perfectly. The "all-round" design of solid metal soon replaced the interlocking design as an industry standard. Dura-Bond products have included standard, aluminum overhead, and high performance bearings, as well as valve seat inserts and valve spring shims. Since their humble beginnings, Dura-Bond's "all-round' camshaft bearing has assumed the enviable position of being the industry's standard against which all others are judged. Dura-Bond bimetal bearings are constructed from a seamless steel tube with a thin layer of lead based babbitt material. Seamless construction makes installation easy, eliminating breakage and bearing surface interruptions. Lead based babbit provides ideal properties for nearly all engine applications. Babbitt's superior embedability, conformability, and anti-seizure characteristics have proven to reduce engine failures that harder bearing materials can cause.We feature Dura-Bond Cam Bearings and Dura-Bond Engine Hardware Finishing Kits at low everyday prices!