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CNC provides high quality performance braking components for the high performance and racing market.

More About CNC

Pit Stop USA is The Online Motorsports Superstore! CNC provides high quality performance braking components for off road, street and drag race cars. CNC's roots stretch back to the mid 1960's and Chuck Nealas dune buggy. The first CNC product, the CNC hydraulic clutch slave cylinder, arose due to the need of a friend with a broken clutch cable. After making one and successfully testing it, he manufactured a batch of 12 and sold them all. Chuck Neal's racing experiences expanded from go-karts to dune buggies to sand drag racing, where he broke the world record and held many titles. In 1985, Chuck and his family opened CNC. Immediately producing their own line of CNC master cylinders, CNC was able to control product quality and design. Adding a stainless steel sleeve to the bore of the CNC master cylinders was a new idea in the industry. As time progressed and customer needs changed, CNC branched out into disc brake kits. The off road market needed a caliper that would withstand the punishment of a single off road race. CNC designed the CNC brake caliper that would lasted for the entire racing season. This principal of producing products to exceed customer's needs has continued throughout CNC's history. Today, you will find CNC products through all aspects of racing from circle track and drag racing to off road and dune buggies. Still owned and operated by the Neal Family, CNC continues to strive to make the highest quality braking components possible. We feature CNC Brake Pedals, CNC Clutch Pedals, CNC Aluminum Gas Pedals, CNC Dual Cylinder Brake Pedal Assemblies, CNC Hydraulic Clutch Kits, CNC Hydraulic Clutch Pedal Packages, CNC Hydraulic Pedal Packages, CNC Throttle Cables, CNC Master Cylinders, CNC Single Cylinder Pedal Assemblies, CNC Clutch Slave Cylinders, CNC Balance Bars and CNC Balance Bar Adjusters all at low everyday prices!