BUTLERBuilt Auto Racing Seat Size Guidelines

Measuring for your BUTLERBuilt Auto Racing Seat is easy. The key to a good and safe fitting BUTLERBuilt Auto Racing Seat is to carefully follow the measuring procedure below to ensure accurate measurement and proper fit from your BUTLERBuilt Racing Seat.


BUTLERBuilt Seat Measurement Procedure

The measurement procedure outlined is critical in determining proper dimensions of the seat. The seat is guaranteed to fit the dimensions provided. If the procedures are not followed, the seat will not fit the driver correctly.  TAKE YOUR TIME AND BE CAREFUL.

It is imperative that all dimensions are ABSOLUTE STRAIGHT LINES.  A rigid tape measure, steel ruler or yardstick should be used.

If using a tape measure, be sure to keep it in a straight line.  DO NOT LET THE TAPE FOLLOW THE NATURAL CURVATURE OF THE BODY…THIS WILL SEND MEASUREMENTS TO THE MOON!!!

The driver should be wearing relatively tight fitting clothes.  Baggy clothing can lead to difficulty in obtaining the proper measurements required.  Do not compensate for upholstery materials or driving suits.

Little Butler Guy

STEP 1 – Have the driver sit on a large flat surface, such as a workbench, table or desk.  We need this surface as a reference point.  The driver’s feet will be hanging over the side.


STEP 2 – Spread the knees 8” to 10” apart.

STEP 3 – Place the tape measure on the outside of the left thigh.

STEP 4 – Pull the tape in a STRAIGHT LINE across the groin area to the right outer thigh.

STEP 5 – Using two right angle devices laid against the body and measuring between them can accurately simplfy this dimension.