G-Force Auto Racing Helmet Sizing Chart

Follow these handy tips courtesy of G-Force Race Gear to provide for the perfect fit of your new G-Force Auto Racing Helmet: 

  • Carefully measure around your head, above the ears and about an inch above your eyebrows.  
  • Use the Helmet Sizing Chart below to get the proper size for your G-Force Auto Racing Helmet. 

NOTE: Although many people’s heads may measure identically, they may be shaped differently, which affects the size and fit.

 G-Force Auto Racing Helmet Sizing Chart

  • After you have selected the proper size, the fit of the G-Force racing helmet needs to be snug, but comfortable, for optimum performance.

G-Force Helmet Sizing 1

  • Strap the helmet securely to your head and try to roll the helmet forward, off your head. If the helmet comes off, you need a smaller helmet.  
  • Do not under any circumstances, use a helmet that you can roll off your head!

G-Force Helmet Sizing 2

  • Next, hold your head stationary while grasping the helmet with both hands and try to gently rotate the helmet on your head.
  • If you feel excessive movement, try a smaller helmet. Good helmet fit is important!

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