Brinn Transmission Tech Tips


1. Accelerate smoothly in low gear, don’t overpower the clutch.

2. Shift to direct drive as soon as you can.

3. Match RPM when you shift and shift smoothly.

4. Always start and warm the engine with both shift levers in the neutral position

5. If you need to use reverse, either shift to reverse before starting the engine, or shift to low gear to stop gear movement, then shift to reverse.


1. Don’t slip the clutch excessively.

2. Don’t use the clutch more than necessary. It is very small and will wear more quickly if used improperly.

3. Don’t apply excessive power when in low or reverse. Low gear is only intended to get the car rolling, not for fast acceleration.

4. Don’t abuse the dog ring. The shift from low to high gear is done without the clutch, so match RPM and shift smoothly.