Track Conditions At Terre Haute Cause Big Crash And Postpone Event

Jeff Swindell coming out of turn two in qualifying with an impressive dust tail.

The Terre Haute Action Track was scheduled to host USAC’s Traxxas Silver Crown Series on Sunday July the 3rd for the First Financial Bank “Sumar Classic 100”.  At first it looked unlikely the track would be able to even start the race after heavy rains on Sunday morning, but the track crew worked hard and got the track prepped for practice and qualifying after a two hour delay.

The back straight after lap one.

Levi Jones and Bryan Clauson, each behind the wheel of a Tony Stewart racing silver crown entry led the field to the green flag.  After the field entered turn one Levi Jones led Clauson, with Shane Hollingsworth on the outside of Kyle Larson, after that, however, not even the racers know.  All the cars made it through one and two safely, though many were at no more than an idle. Then on the back stretch after the cloud of brown disappeared, and under red flag conditions, Thomas Mesaraull’s car had sustained heavy damage and had obviously flipped.

“Coming off of two I wasn’t even on the gas, and I could see a thing, nothing.  It was a wall of brown.” said Meseraull.  After the incident, fans were jeering with insults about track prep and voicing concerns over driver safety.  Meseraull left the car uninjured, but the damage to the roll cage is certainly something that was noticed by fans and drivers alike as people crowded around his car in the pits after the incident.

Thomas Meseraull's car took some serious damage to the roll cage after the incident, the cause of the damage was unknown.

The track crew briefly worked on the track before USAC’s Jason McCord called the race. It was a very tough decision for USAC, but “We basically sat down and looked at it, after starting track prep, we could spend 2 or 3 hours doing this and we’d still be in the heat of the day, with potential for the same track conditions,” McCord told  USAC is currently working on finding a reschedule date to run the race, and we will let the fans know when USAC releases a date.

You can watch video of the incredible dust that forced USAC to cancel the event below:

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