Video: Mod-Lite Flips 8 Times In Violent Crash At Brewerton Speedway

There’s a reason why Brewerton Speedway in Brewerton, New York has been nicknamed “the D-Shaped Dirt Demon”. The track always produces great racing for the fans, and because of this it is a favorite of fans in the North East. For Mod-Lite driver Josh Prentice, his opinion of the D-Shaped Dirt Demon might have changed a little bit.

During the 2nd heat race for the Mod-Lite Division, Prentice was coming to the green flag starting 2nd row outside. Unfortunately, he would become victim to a “racing deal” and flip his mod lite 8 times before it was all over. When Prentice was taking the green, a driver behind him tried to make it three wide coming to the green and the hole closed before the driver could in Josh’s line of vision. Prentice didn’t even have time to step out of the gas before the car entered into the flips. You can hear the announcer say it best “……..Wow.”

This is another reminder that these types of accidents can happen in any form of racing. Like our tech editor BJ Kimbrough said when he saw the accident, “Get enough momentum up and anything is dangerous.” Make sure every time you enter the track that your car is as safe as it possibly can be!

The night didn’t disappoint the fans as they saw some great big block modified racing. You can watch the flip and highlights from last Friday by watching the video below.

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