Josh Hodges Picks Up First Career Win, And Maintains 4.0 GPA To Race

by John Gibson on May 3, 2011

High school is always tough for teenagers. Never mind the fact that if you love to race, things get a little more complicated. Racing usually takes young drivers away from their school work. But for Josh Hodges of New Mexico, he has a set of parents that won’t allow that to happen.

Josh’s family understands how important a good education is for their son and have given him the permission to drive as long as he maintains a 4.0 GPA throughout high school. Before you make any judgments, he’s maintained it!

“I get all my schoolwork done before I go work on the car, and I have to talk with my teachers often to get work for when I’m gone on Fridays and some Thursdays for racing. When you put all this work into it, though, and you do have a good run, it makes it that much sweeter,” Hodges said. “I think it is important to get a good education so I will be able to race in the future, because less and less people these days are able to make a living racing, but I hope to go into a career field that involves the sport. I love being around the sport, and getting to drive is just an added bonus.”

Josh also has been experiencing success on the track as well. Recently he made history by becoming the youngest driver ever to win a ASCS regional event. He has already notched five top five finishes in ten races this year. He accredited some of his success to using K&N filters this season, “In dirt Sprint Car racing, everything gets put to the test, especially the filters. K & N Filters do their job time after time, keeping the air clean and enhancing performance. Never have we had to mess with them (except for the needed maintenance) or have they malfunctioned.” With a education and already proven talent, the future looks bright for this young hot shoe.

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