Submit Tax-Exempt or Reseller Certificate

If you are a Re-seller or have a tax-exempt status you can download and fill out this Sales & Use Taxe Exemption / Re Sale form.

Before submitting the completed form please ensure you have created a account.
If you do not have one you can create one Here.
Once you have an account and have completed the form you can submit it below.
Please allow use 1 business day to process your request

Once you have submitted the form and it has been approved we will edit your account to associate the tax exempt/resale status.
Any attempt to abuse or miss-use of the tax-exempt/resale status outside of its intended purpose will result in revoking the privilege to use the status. may reject a tax-exempt/sale application form for any reason. We may also require approved customers to resubmit an updated form at a later date.