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Pit Stop USA is The Online Motorsports Superstore! We feature Tire Stagger Dynos at low everyday prices.
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Pit Stop USA is The Online Motorsports Superstore! Pit Stop USA stocks Tire Stagger Dynos, Kluhsman Tire Stagger Dynos, KRC Tire Stagger Dynos and more. Winner of the 2001 Circle Track New Product Award, the Kluhsman Tire Stagger Dyno measures the circumference of a tire before it is mounted on the rim. This machine manually spins to use a stagger tape or gauge to measure the roll out of a tire. Measure different pressures / roll-out before they are on your rim. It weighs only 34 lbs and measures tire widths from 8-18 inches. It will inflate and deflate tires in less than one minute. Technical movie can be viewed at www.krcracing.com. Does not mount tire on rim to use. Start Chassis setup with proper tire stagger. Make minimum chassis adjustment. Measure tires before you buy them. Record pressure setting with tire diameters. Measure diameter without mounting on rim. Inflate / Deflate in less than 1 minutes. Measure 8" to 18" tires by adjustable sleeve. Tire can be spun to speed use of stagger tape. Light weight machine weights approximately 34 pounds. Measure tire at different PSI for proper stagger. Glow in the dark gage for low light pit area.

We feature Kluhsman Racing Products Tire Stagger Dyno at low everyday prices.