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No other shock company can match the AFCO M2's innovative list of features. The uniqueness of the AFCO M2 isn't just for flash and hype. Each feature has been carefully engineered for one purpose: to keep the tires on the track, making traction. The AFCO M2's ability to keep the tires in compliance with any track surface condition from tacky to slick, bumpy to smooth, rutted to washboard, lies in its combination of low friction and fast reacting components. Working together, all the parts of the AFCO M2 provide unparalleled seat-of-the-pants feel for the track, consistency, and TRACTION.
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More About AFCO M2 Rebound Adjustable Shocks

The M2 Single adjustable brings the race-proven advantages of the M2 Mono-Tube Shock to a non-canister, single adjustable design. Now the winning benefits of the bladder construction along with all of the M2s low friction components can be had in a package that will meet rules and budgets of even more racers.

Internal Bladder:

Just like the M2 Double Adjustable, the M2 Single incorporates a gas-charged bladder design to provide lightning-fast response to high-frequency shaft movement while maintaining exceptional low-speed dampening control.

Swiv-Align Floating Spring Seat

The design of the high tech Swiv-Align spring seat removes nearly all side forces from the shaft and makes the M2s damping smoother and more consistent than other shocks without any added expense.

Low Friction

All the M2s low friction components are utilized in the single adjustable model to provide consistent, fade-free performance and allow the key functions of the shock to work at their maximum effectiveness. Compression & Rebound Adjustable

The new M2 Single can be ordered in compression or rebound adjustable to suit your tuning needs. Either way, the M2s unique design allows for completely independent control with absolutely no change in the fixed valve portion of the shock. The M2 Single Adjustable uses the shaft-mounted adjuster knob in both compression and rebound adjustable configurations.

Specialized Configurations

We have done the work and performed the track tests with top teams to provide shocks right off the shelf that will consistently outperform the other guys customs.