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Pit Stop USA is The Online Motorsports Superstore! We feature Firesleeve at low everyday prices.

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Fittings & Hoses - Firesleeve - A-1 Fyre Jacket
A-1 Performance Plumbing Fyre Jacket protects against heat and fire.
Fittings & Hoses - Firesleeve - Aeroquip Firesleeve
Firesleeve hose flame shield can prevent or delay hose lines from burning. For proper sizing, select the firesleeve with an I. D. that is slightly larger than the O. D. of the hose you want to cover.
Fittings & Hoses - Firesleeve - Allstar Performance FireFlex
High temperature silicone coated fiberglass sleeving is non-flammable and resists temperatures up to 500 Degrees. An excellent choice for protection of fuel lines, wiring, cables and various...More Details »
Fittings & Hoses - Firesleeve - DEI Fire Sleeve
DEI Fire Sleeve is constructed from a high temperature resistant braided glass material, woven into a sleeve and heavily coated with 100% iron oxide silicone rubber, Fire Sleeve provides the...More Details »
Fittings & Hoses - Firesleeve - DEI Fire Wrap 3000
DEI Fire Wrap 3000 is constructed from the same material as Fire Sleeve but with the convenience of a hook & loop edge closure design. Simply wrap Fire Wrap 3000 around wires, cables or hoses without the need of disconnecting.
Fittings & Hoses - Firesleeve - QuickCar Fire Sleeving
Pit Stop USA is The Online Motorsports Superstore! We feature QuickCar Fire Sleeving at low everyday prices.
Fittings & Hoses - Firesleeve - Thermo-Tec Heat Sleeve
Thermo-Tec Heat Sleeve - This new silicone-coated fiberglass fire sleeving is designed to protect wires, cables and hoses from high-temperature exposure, liquid spills and occasional exposure to...More Details »
Fittings & Hoses - Firesleeve - Thermo-Tec Thermo Sleeve
Thermo-Tec Thermo Sleeve - The new seamless lamination of a high-temperature fabric to a highly-reflective foil is the makeup of Thermo-Sleeve, which provides protection from radiant heat for hoses...More Details »
Fittings & Hoses - Firesleeve - XRP Fyre Foil II
XRP FYRE FOIL II is a very lightweight fiberglass sleeving laminated with a mylarized aluminum surface that provides radiant heat protection to 800?F. The mylar surface resists abrasion and brake...More Details »

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Pit Stop USA is the Online Motorsports Superstore!

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