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Racing Suit Packages combine Shoes and Gloves with a suit for a winning combination at a special price you will love! We have packages to fit a racer with any budget. You can find Packages from all major saftey brands including Alpinestars, Crow, G-Force, Simpson, Velocity and more at low everyday prices!

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Safety Equipment - Driver Safety Packages - SFI-1 Single Layer Driver Safety Packages
Packages include a Suit, Gloves and Shoes with a minium rating of SFI-1. These fire suits must provide protection for a period of 3 seconds with a minimum TPP Rating of 6. This length of time is...More Details »
Safety Equipment - Driver Safety Packages - SFI-5 Multi-Layer Racing Suit Packages
Packages include Suit, Glove and Shoes with an SFI-5 rating. These fire suits must provide protection for a period of 10 seconds with a minimum TPP Rating of 19. They are commonly referred to as...More Details »
Safety Equipment - Driver Safety Packages - 2-Piece Suit Driver Safety Package
Some drivers prefer to wear a separate Pants and jacket. Depending on your body type this may result in a better fit then some suits due to being able to select 2 different size pieces.

More About Driver Safety Packages

Make sure you complete the package by getting a head and neck restraint. We carry all the lastest models from Hans such as the Sport II in adult and youth sizes. Along with the HANS Device Adjustable to give the driver more versatility racing anything from a Sprint Car to a Monster Truck. if your wanting to go lightweight check out the Pro Ultra and the Pro Ultra Lite the lightest versions of the Hans Device available. We also carry the complete Hybrid Series from Simpson including the Hybrid Pro Slide and Sport models in also sizes from child through adult. An alternative to the Hans Device is the NecksGen REV and another device coming soon is the Accel from Impact.

Pit Stop USA is The Online Motorsports Superstore! We offer SFI Approved Auto Racing Suit Kits from Simpson Race Products, G-Force Racing Gear, Impact Racing, Pyrotect, Ultra Shield Race Products, RJS Safety Equipment and Crow Enterprizes. Auto Racing Suit Packages are available in both SFI-1 Rated and SFI-5 Rated Racing Suits. The new Fire Suit Kits feature Simpson Racing Suits, G-Force Racing Suits, Crow Racing Suits, Pyrotect Racing Suits, Ultra Shield Racing Suits, Bell Racing Suits, RJS Racing Suit, and Impact Racing Suits. Some packages also include racing helmets from Bell, G-Force, Impact Helmets, Pyrotect Helmets, and Simpson Helmets Complete Driving Suit Packages include SFI-Rated driving gloves like Simpson Racing Gloves, G-Force Racing Gloves, Impact Racing Gloves, Bell Racing Gloves, Crow Racing Gloves, Pyrotect Racing Gloves, Ultra Shield Racing Gloves, RJS Racing Gloves and more. We have a huge assortment of driver gloves to choose from. Race Suit Packages also include SFI Rated driving shoes like Simpson Racing Shoes, G-Force Racing Shoes, Impact Racing Shoes, Crow Racing Shoes, Pyrotect Racing Shoes, Bell Racing Shoes, Ultra Shield Racing Shoes, RJS Racing Shoes and more. We have a huge assortment of driver shoes to choose from. Enjoy shopping for complete auto racing suit packages you want and be sure you will get it at our famous low everyday prices! And we offer free shipping on all Driving Suit Package! We are leaders in auto racing safety equipment so if you need new Nomex racing gloves or Carbon X racing gloves. Dont waste your day motorsports shopping at those other racing web sites. We have everything you need to be a safe racer every time you go to the race track!