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Phoenix Race Tires
Phoenix is one of the country's leading drag racing tire brands.

More About Phoenix Race Tires

Pit Stop USA is The Online Drag Racing Superstore! The Phoenix racing tire molds were initially created by Firestone more than 40 years ago when the sport of drag racing just started booming across the United States. Today's modern Phoenix brand brings more than 30 new size and compound variations of drag race tires to Coker's product portfolio.

Originally marketed as Firestone, Phoenix Drag Racing was launched in the mid-1990's when several executives at Firestone chose to break away and re-launch the specialty drag racing tire brand. The company was created and product was developed using the same foundations of performance, trust and technology that supported Firestone's drag racing division for years. PitStopUSA.com features Phoenix Race Tires products at low everyday prices.