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Ultra-Lite Brakes
Red Devil Ultra-Lite Brakes have become the number one choice of racers everywhere.

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Description: Brake Bleeder, 1/4 in NPT Thread, 1 in Long, Each
Item #: RDB900-1400
Condition: New
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More About Ultra-Lite Brakes

Investment Cast Ceramic Coated 8740 Chromoly and Titanium 6-4 Racing Brake Rotors are the strongest Brake Rotors in the world. Having high tensile strength in the 140,000 to 160,000 range makes them almost 4 times the strength of the best racing cast iron rotors on the market. They are almost half the weight and have 25 % more continuous stopping power. The thinner vanes are possible due to the higher tensile and yield strength, but also the fact that the insulating capabilities of the patented Ceramic Coatings keep the rotor running cooler. The heavy mass of the cast iron rotors relies on the thick vanes and the heavy cheeks to absorb the heat generated by stopping 3,500 pound race cars, but the Ceramic Coated rotor relies on the Ceramics to absorb the high heat enabling the core of the rotor to run 300 to 400 degrees cooler than a cast iron rotor. The temperature capabilities of the Ceramics are in the 4,000-degree range and they will not gas, enabling the driver to brake harder and longer with fade free performance. With the lower running temperatures of the rotor this also helps the wheel bearings to run cooler and also lowers the temperature under the hood. The weight of our Short Track Rotors saves approximately 35 pounds over the cast iron rotors. This is like getting 15 to 20 horsepower in the engine, not to mention helping tire wear and shock temperature in long races which enables the driver to wear down the competition in the later part of the race. We also have rotors available for Nascar Intermediate race tracks and Super Speedways which can save anywhere from 20 to 25 pounds of rotating weight over cast iron. All of our rotors are recoatable 3 to 4 times, which makes them very cost effective in the long run.