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Since 1995, Dyer's Rods is home to the finest Connecting Rods made.

More About Dyer's

Pit Stop USA is The Online Motorsports Superstore! Dyer's Rods was started by Gary Dyer and his son Billy Dyer in 1995. The company name at that time was Dyer's Billet Rods. The company was purchased in November 1999 and the company name was changed to Dyer's Top Rods. We felt that Dyer's Billet Rods had built an excellent reputation and rapport with Engine Builders, Racers, and Distributors. Therefore, the change in the company's name was warranted from the change of manufacturing of 300M billet plate to the current 300M forgings. The reasoning behind the change is because of the lack of availability of billet plate and the 300M forging offers excellent grain structure for strength. Dyer's Light Series Forged Connecting Rods are premium quality connecting rods are manufactured from 300M aircraft quality steel. Rods are bushed and are fitted with ARP fasteners. Choose from "L" (Light) and "UL" (Ultra Light) series. Sold in sets of eight. We feature Dyer's Rods Light Series Forged Connecting Rods and Dyer's Rods Ultra Light Series Connecting Rods at low everyday prices!