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Micro Temp
Micro Temp digital infrared pyrometers can get the job done consistently every time at a great price.

More About Micro Temp

Pit Stop USA is The Online Motorsports Superstore! Spark Industries Micro Temp digital infrared pyrometers are great automotive and race tuning diagnostic tools, and can be used for countless household and other tasks. The LCD readout makes them easy to read and the quick response allows for multiple temperatures to be taken in a very short amount of time. Whether you are working around the house or racing at the track, these Spark Industries Micro Temp digital infrared pyrometers can get the job done consistently every time. Spark Industries Micro Temp pyrometers offer instant and accurate readouts in AF or AC. In three types and temperature ranges, these infrared gun-style thermometers are great for measuring surfaces that are moving, too hot to touch, or difficult to reach (e.g. exhaust, tires, brakes, race tracks). MicroTemp. New technology, better quality control and new manufacturing methods yield an affordable price and an all around better product. The MicroTemp line of digital infrared pyrometers offer a wider distance to sight ratio, wider temperature range and a larger, brighter display screen compared to the other models on the market that are significantly more expensive. The MicroTemp models are new rugged designs that feature a more advanced computer chip and upgraded optics for quicker, more accurate temperature readings. These new models offer greater ergonomics and a longer battery life as well. MicroTemp pyrometers are ideal for many uses at the track, as well as the garage, monitoring temperatures of: a Race tracks and tires a Brake rotors and calipers a Batteries and electrical connections a Transmissions and differentials a Bearings and drive belts a Exhaust, spark plugs and external engine a Insulation effectiveness. We feature Sparks Industries Micro Temp Digital Infrared Pyrometers at low everyday prices.