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The DefNder neck protection system has been replaced. They are now the makers of the NecksGen REV head and neck restraint. It is the smallest device on the market today. NecksGen REV uses the same quick release helmet attachment system that has been used on previous NecksGen models. The NecksGen REV surpassed the company’s expectations in SFI 38.1 testing, Many racers feel that is the NecksGen REV is the safest, smallest and most comfortable neck brace on the market today it is another great alternative to the Hans Device. The NecksGen REV is made from a carbon composite material and is extremely popular in all forms of racing, especially with youth racers who prefer the smaller size device. The NecksGen REV offers outstanding front and side impact protection. The NecksGen REV is an excellent choice for racers in most forms of motorsports.

Even if you looking for something different we have a full selection of SFI 38.1 head and neck restraint such as one from Hans Models include the Sport II, Youth Sport II, Adjustable, Pro Ultra, Pro Ultra Lite, So regardless of what you race there is a Hans Device for you. If you are looking for an Alternative to the Hans Devices you can make a comparison with the Hybrid Series from Simpson they having multiple models starting with the Hybrid Pro Slide, and the more affordable Sport even a youth size for you child in the Hybrid Sport model.

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Pit Stop USA is The Online Motorsports Superstore! DefNder is now able to offer you the unparalleled comfort of the DefNder neck protection system. All DefNder models feature unique flexible Formfit belts which comfortably follow the contours of your body shape. DefNder Stabilizer bar design eliminates much uncomfortable upper torso pressure. Working together, DefNder Formfit belts and DefNder Stabilizer bar provide a fit so snug that you will forget that your DefNder is even there. DefNder intelligent Motion-Max tether system features a load neutralizing horizontal/lateral geometry that offers freedom without sacrificing efficiency. DefNder slide cover ensures that Motion-Max will offer unhindered head motion and it will never snag on your seat. SFI 38.1 is the SFI standard for head and neck restraints. All DefNder neck protection system have passed this stringent certification. DefNder Motion-Max tether system incorporates VST (vertical stabilizing tether) geometry which offers unsurpassed side impact protection while maintaining the free motion of your head. Working in conjunction with this design are DefNder unique harness flares which are designed to work with mandatory 3a safety harnesses reducing the chances of belt slip in rough conditions and angular impact. DefNder believes in simplicity through efficiency. All DefNder models are designed with the racer in mind. The easy on design means that you can fit your DefNder over your head, as with your helmet, or slide it on from behind. Our Real-eaze quick release is unique in that it incorporates both the quick release and the helmet anchor in one unit. The clever design of the Real-eaze allows you to easily attach or release your helmet from your DefNder. Real-eaze features a positive lock so that there is never a chance of accidental failure. DefNder is adjustable between 20 and 40 degrees to suit virtually every cockpit setup. We feature DefNder Neck Protection Systems at low everyday prices.