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DENSO Iridium Spark Plugs feature the highest quality materials and state of the art manufacturing.

More About Denso

Pit Stop USA is The Online Motorsports Superstore! DENSO Iridium Spark Plugs use the highest quality materials, and are produced in our state of the art manufacturing facilities. By harnessing the power of Iridium, DENSO is suddenly able to shrink the surface area of the center electrode - the critical component of a spark plug. Unlike a typical platinum plug that has a 1.1mm diameter center electrode, DENSO Iridium Power plugs have the world's smallest center electrode measuring 0.4mm in diameter. This means that the voltage requirements are decreased while firing performance is greatly improved. The patented DENSO U-Groove design changed the industry standard in the mid 1970s by providing a better design that virtually eliminates erratic starts caused by poor fuel mixture. The DENSO U-Groove results in less flame dissipation making the spread of the flame nucleus easier and therefore yielding greater firing energy. It gives the flame a groove to grow in, thereby creating a larger flame front for a complete combustion. On a conventional plug, the flat electrode design crushes the spark, and the overall volume of the flash front is smaller. The conventional method to improve firing was to increase the spark gap. This has a negative effect on the spark. With a U-Groove firing can be greatly improved without increasing the spark gap. After testing other pure metals combined with Iridium, rhodium proved to be the best choice to meet the needs of DENSO's spark plug engineers. DENSO's Iridium Alloy had all of the qualities to produce the world's best spark plug, but conventional tooling prevented DENSO from mass manufacturing. Necessity to melt the Iridium to the nickel base forced DENSO to pioneer its third patent, the 360A Laser Welding Process, to provide a seal so reliable; the electrode resists wear even in the worst combustion conditions. We feature DENSO Iridium Performance Spark Plugs at low everyday prices!