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The MD SmartTool is a must have for any successful racer to ensure accurate setups

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Pit Stop USA is The Online Motorsports Superstore! We proudly feature MD Building Products SmartTool Digital Levels. A must have for any successful racer to ensure accurate setups. SmartToola" digitally displays degrees, percent slope and pitch to 1/10 degree accuracy. Extremely durable, it will keep its accuracy for years with push button calibration. Features audio sound at level and plumb. Includes standard 9 volt battery. The MD SmartTool allows you to easily check camber and castor, wing settings, and even level your racing scales. If you are tired of setting up your race car with crude protractors, angle finders and other measuring devices the MD SmartTool is the answer you are looking for! The MD SmartTool shows you the angle of any surface with decimal-point accuracy. This tool is used by racing professionals in NASCAR, CART, IRL, World of Outlaws, SCCA, Hooters Pro Cup and many other professional series. The MD Smart Tool is based around an electronic module which can display angle over a full 360A range with a resolution of 0.1A. This module digital leveling tool can be used as supplied, or it can be mounted onto a handy digital level tray (sold separately). You can also design the MD SmartTool Digital Level to attach to a variety of applications as both a conventional level and as an angle setting or measuring tool. We also offer the MD SmartTool Magnetic Bracket for use with MD SmartTool Module that makes fabrication and chassis setup easier and more accurate. We also offer economical MD Angle Finders that are molded from high impact plastic. These simple angle finders read any angle from 0A to 90A in any quadrant. Instant and accurate within half a degree. These angle finders are available with or without a magnetic base. Use in conjuction with MD Plumb Bobs and you will have your racecar accurately setup and ready to win in no time!