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Oakley professional grade race gear is developed in cooperation with the worldas best drivers.

More About Oakley

Pit Stop USA is The Online Motorsports Superstore! Oakley offers one of the finest lines of racing safety equipment available. Oakley makes racing footwear for some of the fastest drivers on the planet. No cockpit should be without a fire control system. Oakley Racea" Low, Oakley Race Boota" and Oakley Race Mida" are SFI and Formula Onea" FIA approved racing footwear utilizes patented CarbonXA. Developed in cooperation with the worldas best drivers, Oakley Racing Shoes feature 3-D anatomical construction high-grip vulcanized rubber outsole, engineered to optimize tactile response on race pedals and the added protection of fire retardant leather and self-extinguishing split suede. Oakley Karta" shoes design feature a glove-like fit. The padded collar includes an adjustable ankle strap, and the high-grip sole gets a firm bite on surfaces while still allowing tactile response on the pedal. Moisture wicking textiles help maintain an optimal foot climate. Oakley Racing Gloves match CarbonXA with NomexA to help shield you from heat and flame without sacrificing flex and feel. For a sure grip that puts racers in touch with the track, the palm base is CarbonXA with .45mm PittardsA leather reinforcement. All combined, this is protection that reduces the variables you canat control, and performance that lets you command the rest. Oakley Karting Gloves make a driver feel like heas part of the machine. The critical palm surface combines ClarinoA 8080 with PittardsA Digital Leather for a comfortable, sure grip that puts you in touch with the track, and the durable knuckle shielding takes full advantage of ClarinoA High Abrasion Resistant (HARA) material. Oakley now offers racing suits including the Oakley Coil Over Suit and the Oakley Factory Pilot Suit. These CarbonXA lined suits Suits offer the same great Oakley quality and are SFI approved. Oakley enters the Karting Suit Market with their Kill Switch Suit. We feature Oakley Safety Equipment at low everyd