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Van Alstine
The Van Alstine G-1000 Tire Groover has taken tire grooving out of the Dark Ages.

More About Van Alstine

Pit Stop USA is The Online Motorsports Superstore! We proudly feature the Van Alstine Heated Tire Groover. Van Alstine Manufacturing Co. Inc. produces tire grooving and other equipment used all over the world in the trucking and racing industries, and by major tire and rubber manufacturers. All Van Alstine products are made in the USA. The Van Alstine G-1000 Tire Groover is the state of the art in tire grooving equipment. The patented design and quality construction of the Van Alstine G-1000 Tire Groover make it the most accurate and easy to use tire groover you can buy. It has quickly become the tool of choice for grooving truck tires, race tires, and OTR tires. To quote one of our customers, aThe G-1000 has taken tire grooving out of the Dark Ages.a Add extra traction in a matter of minutes with this heated tire groover by Van Alstine. Tapered, razor sharp blade grooves faster and easier with less heat. To operate, select the proper blade and insert it into the tire groover, setting the blade height with a common tire depth gauge. After setting the desired power level, begin grooving by placing the cutting edge against the surface of the tire and applying cutting pressure. The groover comes with the following flat blades 4/32", 6/32", 8/32" and 10/32" widths. Replacement blades are also available separately. You wont find a better tire grooving iron, heated knife or tire siper anywhere!