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TCI Automotive
TCI's track-tested transmissions, components and torque converters can get that muscle to the ground

More About TCI Automotive

Pit Stop USA is The Online Motorsports Superstore! You've invested in horsepower. Now get it all to the ground with TCI®. TCI®'s track-tested transmissions, torque converters and components can turn that muscle into rear-wheel power. Designed, built and tested by hardcore racers and enthusiasts, TCI® transmission products are specifically engineered to crank out race-winning power mile after grueling mile, run after punishing run. TCI® gives you more than just 35+ years of on-track experience. As part of their extensive quality control process, each precision-built TCI® part is meticulously checked by their in-house QC experts. Every transmission and valve body is both hydraulic-circuit & dyno tested; every converter leak-checked & computer balanced. When you put one a TCI® product on your vehicle, whether for racing or towing, for car or truck, you know it's ready to rock. Just as importantly, TCI® makes this performance and quality affordable. So you can break records without breaking the bank. For winning performance, quality and value, TCI® can't be beat. With over a quarter century in the performance industry, TCI® has established a reputation as being one of the best at producing quality performance products. TCI® has combined what they have learned at the track with their engineering department to develop products that give both performance and value. Founded in 1968 in Memphis, Tennessee, TCI® Automotive was born with a racing background and as the sport of racing has grown…so has TCI®. We feature TCI® transmissions, TCI® torque converters, TCI® Transmission Pans, TCI® Valve Bodies, TCI® Powerglide Circlematic Transmissions, TCI® Aluminum Trans-Shields, TCI® SFI-Approved Flexplate Safety Shields, TCI® Heavy Duty Flexplates, TCI® Transmission Oil Coolers, TCI® Lightweight Racing Starters and more at low everyday prices!