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Stewart Warner
Stewart Warner is perhaps the most recognized name in gauges in the history of the US auto industry.

More About Stewart Warner

Pit Stop USA is The Online Motorsports Superstore! Stewart Warner is perhaps the most recognized name in vehicle instruments in the history of the U.S. automotive industry. In fact, the brand dates back to 1905 when John Stewart founded Stewart & Clark Company. Stewart brand speedometers were first used on original Ford Model Ts, after which the company established itself as a market leading supplier of instruments. Seven years later, in 1912, Stewart and Edgar Bassick joined forces to create a new company to manufacture vehicle instruments and horns. Bassick, whose acquisitions included the Alemite Company, and Stewart also acquired the Warner Instrument Company and, as such, the Stewart-Warner Instrument Corporation was born. Over the years, Stewart Warner supplied a majority of the instruments, hourmeters and senders used by not only the automotive industry, but also by the heavy-truck and off-highway markets. The firm also supplied a wide range of unusual products like radios and refrigerators. In its heyday, Stewart Warner was a powerful corporation that employed thousands of people. Stewart Warner Maximum Performance Series analog gauges feature silver, white and black graphics and super-tough engineered resin cases. Stewart Warner Maximum Performance Series gauges also have unique inner and outer bezels, robust three-dimensional pointers, and advanced SMT electronics and lighting techniques. Stewart Warner Maximum Performance gauges have been designed specifically for the harsh environment of racing. Building gauges since 1905 has allowed Stewart Warner time to eliminate all the trial and error. We feature Stewart Warner Ultra-Shift Light Digital Tachometers, Stewart Warner Ultra Alert Warning Lights, Stewart Warner Maximum Performance Circle Track Tachometers, and Stewart Warner Maximum Performance 2-1/16" and 2-5/8" competition gauges at low everyday prices.