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Pro-Blend is a leading supplier of specialty lubricants, coolants, fuel additives and tire treatment.

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Description: Motor Oil Additive, Race Engine Concentrate, 16 oz Bottle, Each
Item #: PRB1600
Condition: New
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More About Pro-Blend

Pit Stop USA is The Online Motorsports Superstore! For over 20 years, Pro-Blend Chemical Company has been a leading manufacturer of specialty lubricants, coolants, fuel additives, tire treatments, assembly lubes and machining/grinding aids. Hot Lap II Tire Treatment is designed for racers that are going to run a total of twenty-five laps or less. Reduces lap times 2-5 tenths. Undetectable. Increases tire life up to 50%. Hot Lap Tire Treatment reduces lap time 2-5 tenths. Absolutely undetectable. Guaranteed. Comes in fast and will not go away, even in 200 lap events. Hot Lap Victory Lane Tire Treatment is super quick for 50 laps. Dramatically improves qualifying. Excellent on short tracks. Hot Lap Aerosol Tire Treatment increases corner speeds 3 to 5 m.p.h. Works on asphalt or dirt, lowers tire temperature 20-27 degrees. Does not give up after a few laps, remains effective and extends tire life. Pro-Blend Tire Cleaner cleans surface and "opens" pores. Quik-Lap LMT Tire Treatment is designed for racers that get their tires at the last minute. Dramatically aids in qualifying and the first 10 laps of the main event. Expect 1-3 tenths improvement. Undetectable. Extends tire life. Fast Forward makes tremendous mid-range torque. Use with gas or alcohol. Significantly increases horsepower. CTX-2 Undetectable Fuel Additive adds up to 40 confidential horsepower. Produces strong mid-range torque. Pro-Tuff Alcohol Fuel Lube is for all alcohol burning (methanol) engines. 40 Below reduces coolant temperatures up to 40 degrees. Pro-Blend High Performance Engine Racing Concentrate cools oil up to 57 degrees. Eliminates oil starvation, bearing failure piston scuffing, galling, blueing metal transfer, valve train drag and foaming. Pro-Tuff Gear Lube Treatment eliminates excessive transmission and rear-end heat and failure. Reduces gear lube temperature up to 38 degrees. Up to 4 horsepower increase on chassis dyno. We feature Pro-Blend products at low everyday prices!