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Outerwears Performance Products
Outerwears Pre-filters are designed to enhance the efficiency of any exposed performance air filter.

More About Outerwears Performance Products

Pit Stop USA is The Online Motorsports Superstore! Outerwears was created to fulfill a desperate need to keep the air filter and engine clean during off road racing. Filters loading up with dirt meant loss of horsepower and in many cases loss of a race. Race crews were noticing severe engine damage due to dirt entering into the engine. Outerwears Pre-filters are designed to enhance the efficiency of any performance or exposed air filter. The Pre-filter is constructed with a proprietary polyester mesh with uniform micron openings, treated with an optional hydrophobic water-repellent process. The mesh is UV resistant, filters debris down to .005a, is shatter proof in freezing temperatures, and resistant to heat up to 450 degrees. The material is puncture resistant and has elasticity characteristics allowing the threads to return to the original position in the event the threads have been impacted or shifted. The top seam utilizes specialized thread and cording to reinforce durability of the top on Outerwears air filter pre-filter assembly with top. Six stock colors are available in either regular or the water-repellent variety. Outerwears offers Pre-Filters for Fuel Funnels and Outerwears Scrub Bags are available for Air Cleaners, Crankcase Vents, Fuel Injectors and Magnetos. Outerwears ShockwearsA are designed to reduce the wear and tear on parts such as the shafts and seals. Tired of replacing expensive radiators? Ever notice your engine overheating because of mud and rocks packing & beating the radiator? Now you can protect your radiator with an Outerwears Shaker Panel & Speed Screen. We feature Outerwears Air Filter Pre-Filters, Outerwears Air Filter Pre-Filters with Top, Outerwears Crankcase Breather Pre-Filters, Outerwears Pre-Filter for Fuel Funnels and Outerwears Scrub Bags at low everyday prices!