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Plexus® Plastic Cleaner, Protectant & Polish can be used on a limitless variety of plastic surfaces...

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Plastic Polish
Pit Stop USA offers automotive Plastic Polish including Flitz Metal Plastic & Fiberglass Polish, Mothers® Power Plastic Cleaner/Polish, Mothers® Plastic Polish, Novus Plastic Polish #1 - Clean &...More Details »
Window Cleaner
Pit Stop USA offers several automotive Window Cleaners including Cyclo Glass Clean™ Glass Cleaner, Five Star Plastic Spray Window Cleaner, Plexus® Plastic Cleaner, Protector & Polish and more.
Window Polish
Pit Stop USA offers a variety of automotive plastic Window Polish products including Mothers® Plastic Polish, Novus Plastic Polish #1 - Clean & Shine, Novus Plastic Polish #2 - Fine Scratch...More Details »
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Description: Not available for shipment to Alaska, California or Hawaii. Not available for sale or use in California. More Details »
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Condition: New
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More About Plexus

Pit Stop USA is The Online Motorsports Superstore! Plexus® was developed for use in the aviation industry - specifically, for cleaning and protecting aircraft windshields and painted surfaces. As Plexus became more and more popular, people quickly discovered it could be used on a limitless variety of plastic surfaces. Since then, Plexus has continued to grow in popularity, and today it is recognized as the most effective plastic cleaner, protectant and polisher on the market.