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Vintage racers go to great lengths to get a helmet that correctly matches the time period of the racing machine whenever possible. PitStopUSA.com offers several vintage helmets available that provide that nostalgia look with todays safety technology.

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Description: Snell SA2015 Rated. The Simpson FR Cruiser Snell SA2015 Rated Open Face Auto Racing Helmet is designed for racers who prefer an open face helmet. More Details »
Item #: SIM632
Condition: New
Not Available
Ships from California, Texas or Michigan
Price: $299.95
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Pit Stop USA is The Online Motorsports Superstore! Since the dawn of time, mankind has had but one purpose: to build machines and make them go really, really fast. As a bastion of that principle, you are not willing to sit idly by as these fast freaks of engineering feat gather dust under cold museum lights. No, their power was meant for the spotlight, for the dirt and the track. Only there may they truly shine. Since the dawn of time, Bell has been making quality head protection fit for Sacred Knights of Speed everywhere. .We feature Vintage Auto Racing Helmets at low everyday prices.